PASPALAS VASILIS   Serrai, Serrai, Greece
The golden rule.Don't do to others that that you don't want others to do to you.
Here's my music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FmZS_1Zn8Y&list=PLwjnhXhXY5FQsJo0p298ii-F9rQsnosmw
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xxCOMPANY OF COWARDSxx Oct 10 @ 11:45pm 
Thank you very much.Is nice to know that you have fun and ejoy by using them.Afterall thats why i create them.
SüS Oct 10 @ 11:34pm 
you build good maps, thanks comrade :)
xxCOMPANY OF COWARDSxx Jul 24 @ 9:46pm 
Thank you very much.I'm glad that you like it.
ZexxTiggor Jul 24 @ 1:51pm 
Nice maps dude i love em so much
Eddie "Hot Shot" Jul 18 @ 4:03am 
Cool, really nice and we are looking forward to it.
xxCOMPANY OF COWARDSxx Jul 18 @ 3:58am 
Thank you.Well i cant open the file.But it doesnt matter.i will make my own extended version