Alex   British Columbia, Canada
Hi it seems you've stumbled upon a profile, feel free to look at the stuff I've posted if you want

first things first i'm NOT A FURRY so fuck off.

my cringey youtube channel sub if you want.

info box down below

put this adorable cat on your profile if you have or love cats

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about me

[last name and middle name]only close friends :P
[Sexuality]I don't know why people want to know but ok Heterosexual
[hair color]dark brown
[time zone]PST
[B-day]February 11th

Things to know, I am an animal person, I love to play games of course, I'm nice as long as you're nice, I have 2 cats. I love Warriors and I just finished the 6th book
Rules nice or I might unfriend you private profiles
3.we have to have been friends for at least 3 weeks before I will even consider Trading, and i don't like it.
4.if you friend me I would probably ask why if you don't answer within the next time you are online I will unfriend you.
5.when commenting on my profile be nice. no inappropriate stuff. no swears. no hate comments. any comment that does not follow these rules will be deleted
read this before Adding me

I'm not going to accept friend requests from people that have not set up a profile. level 2 or below cuz maybe you're a hacker. I don't accept anybody with a ? picture. I don't accept anybody with 2 or more VAC bans if you have one I still might not accept. leave a comment on my profile saying why you added me if you don't it will be asked anyway.

Online: let's chat IDK .

away: I'm away i can not respond .

Looking to Play: I pretty much never use this one but if I use it I guess I'm looking to play xD.

Looking to Trade: I literally never use this.

Busy: doing something like eating dinner I'm away from my pc I can't respond.

Offline: Sleeping, School, maybe friends are over or i don't want to be disturbed :P.

playing a game: if you message me I might not respond. if I don't respond well in game I'm recording or I've left the game Runnin by accident while I'm away <---(I pretty much never do this).
bonus info :T
I read Warrior cats

I usually change my name depending on what game/TVshow/movie i'm into right now :P.

if you were blocked by me then you did nothing or you did something I block people with very inappropriate profiles and I block people who were complete and total jerks to me or my friends so if you were blocked don't get mad over it ok.

I love notifications :P.

I don't do it often but I do sometimes sweep my friends list if you got unfriended you're allowed to try to refriend me if you don't get accepted don't bother trying again.

Pokemon go is one of the worst games ever my opinion.

my cringey youtube channel sub if you want.

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Hello. I want friend you back because hackers tries to hack my account. But my account is not hacked. Also, I had 1 friend in common :3
Dr.Fuffles Aug 25 @ 4:40pm 
Vel-Sky Aug 6 @ 7:25pm 
my cringey youtube channel sub if you want.
Rosey Jul 19 @ 8:51am 
You're right, I don't even remember who you might be, but I'm generally friendly if you ever change your mind and come back.
Vel-Sky Jul 18 @ 9:00pm 
I'm going to start fixing my profile ((sorry if you were unfriended. sorry if I left your group)
Vel-Sky Jun 16 @ 8:51pm 
a quote from God "Chuck Norris doesn't swim in water water swims in Chuck Norris"