Darren   Ontario, Canada
mike: i mean why settle for being flaccid when u could be at full mast amirite?

Crankkkkkkk: idk wtf happened on anzio
Crankkkkkkk: i like
Crankkkkkkk: touched mysef and went ham
Nicholson #NewACC: LOL.
Nicholson #NewACC: best playoff strategy ever?
Crankkkkkkk: apparently

mike: have you ever had one of your balls disappear from your ball sack?
mike: and you like can't find it
Nicholson: LMFAO
mike: nvm i think it's back

{DFH} EVILyn: knock knock
Nicholson #CronoSucks.: WHOS THERE
{DFH} EVILyn: daisy
Nicholson #CronoSucks.: daisy who
{DFH} EVILyn: daisy see me rollin...they hatin...
{DFH} EVILyn: in my pri pri!
Nicholson #CronoSucks.: .....

Call from <AAC-Crank> started.
Call from <AAC-Crank> ended.
Call from <AAC-Crank> started.
Call from <AAC-Crank> ended.
[XP]Speedy//Nicholson [82nd AB]: WHAT
<AAC-Crank>: sup man
[XP]Speedy//Nicholson [82nd AB]: ur bad
[XP]Speedy//Nicholson [82nd AB]: lol
<AAC-Crank>: i know
<AAC-Crank>: im also
<AAC-Crank>: very
<AAC-Crank>: horny
[XP]Speedy//Nicholson [82nd AB]: go talk to wicked
[XP]Speedy//Nicholson [82nd AB]: lul
<AAC-Crank>: going to bed
<AAC-Crank>: gunna finger my asshole while i sleep in the nude
<AAC-Crank>: bye
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Juice May 28 @ 5:54pm 
I'll go to the dollar store and get you one of those fake mustache gag gifts so you can wear it for real. Maybe then people will be frightened of the meter maid.
Juice May 27 @ 8:56pm 
I forgot the only thing you care about is trying to grow facial hair.
Juice May 27 @ 3:38pm 
The only thing weaker than your CS:GO rank is your leadership in units. *Mic Drop*
Juice May 27 @ 12:49am 
Lives in Ontario. If that isn't a cry for help, I don't know what is. R.I.P.
Dj. Apr 13 @ 10:35pm 
Company of Heroes 2 Bricks PCs confirmed.
Dj. Dec 21, 2016 @ 3:28pm 
100% Zamboni Driver.