probably living in   Ile-de-France, France
i trade, i play, i compete, i procrastinate and i mean that's basically it :hintlord:
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If you want to add me for no reason what so ever, don't bother. Maybe beforehand i would've accepted like i have in the past but eh i'm too lazy now.
If you want to trade, here i am , and here is my backpack []
If you want to play competitive with me here i am [] (i mean i don't know why you would want to because i never use my voice).

less interesting and also less basic shit

My name is in fullwidth, my profile pic is the son, i'm not gay, i love the Hotline Miami series, TF2, LISA, i'm a music junkie, i spend way too much time on my computer, i play pyro and soldier in comp usually, i'm weak as fuck and i don't like eating snails or frog legs you racist fucks .

Some of my best logs that make me feel good about myself :

demoman :

soldier :

pyro :

p.s; I also hold the world records for most days spent listening to mac demarco, most days wasted during a year, and longest active playthrough of cookie clicker [] .
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I'm selling these;
Commando Grade Corsair Medi Gun (Factory New): ~29 ref - 1 key + 5 ref
Atomizer: 1 key + 27 ref

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i'm triggered
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whats hotline miami
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Ray Jul 12, 2017 @ 1:36pm 
Added for a kit!
GRIP Jul 12, 2017 @ 4:37am 
come on loomi, you're better than racial stereotypes ;)))))
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