♛ King Demomidas™ ♛
My name is King Demomidas, I am the ruler of Phrygia land of gold and opportunity. I am brother to the Midas you may know, I am rarely mentioned in history due to my dark skin and glorious moustache. I share the same golden curse as my brother, as well as his greed. I love everything about gold, and I make entire nations jealous of my wealth. I am a gold fanatic, silver just wont do. So come, bow before your king and I will show you glourious golden wonders of the land of Phrygia!

By the way, did I mention?


On a serious note: If you have a VAC ban on your record, - rep, have a private profile, act shifty in game, or have been reported for sharking/scamming I WILL NOT ADD YOU OR TRADE YOU.


[WALL OF GOLDEN ADMIRATION]: Notable Quotes of People Praising My Demo.

Luna :3 : #Best Demo ever

Who checks the spychecker? : he IS gabe newel!

bryn : so pretty

Jaques L'Destroyeur : He has an entire set of gold, so he's pretty much God.

Mokl Dirigore Morto : 2fabulous -2holy

KMM | Kraft : so much gold

SСАЯУ : you should call yourself king midas

Pro Diggy : you look cool

Wizman : how rich are u demo?!?

OMFGᴅᴀʜᴢ : demo set is awsome

Revengineer : demo... WHAT ARE YOU

Adrian TECHNICAL ERROR : thank you for honoring me with your golden prescence sir

Galelop : You're just so shiny

sir crits alot : NICE AUSSIE LOADOUT

Full Metal Underpants : demo you have the best loadout I saw

Chiberatsu : im gonna call you jesus demo for the rest of the round


Angry Hobo : this man, i like this man

Good Luck, Ebola Chan : His loadout yells the words: I'm rich and you're poor and irish.

[DFS] Nexion of the Shadows : Morgan Freeman could not describe King Demomidas backpack

[LRG] ☀ ωнσкγ ☾ : your demo is awesome

Dr. Splints : bling demoman

Killbuster™ the elder pyro god: Enimindok morokei yuvon gein (Which is draconian for, "Behold the glorious gold one")

9♫™-LFT: start it up ya golden dildo of a demo

Fizzie Fizzco : You're very much Golden, Demomidas

[LRG] The Great And Powerful Trixe : wish i had that pan :(

Heavy Claus : king ur so rich dude jesus christ

Tavi™ : Show off your new pan on other servers. xD

Plasma Outsider™: goldest demoking

Razgriz™ : One of the fucking millionaires of TF2

Moogly : It's the Demo God

=[>PP<]= ⚔Gøldîé⚔ : 2shiny4me

Crenzmas Spirit : Demomidas has golden love juice

The Jolly Colorbling™ : "It's a Golden-fucking-Frying Pan, that's why!"

Futatron™: Midas is love, Midas is life

☯๖ۣۜShadowtheShinyZorua☯: I respect you. You were able to achieve your goal in MvM, putting up with noobs and arrogant butts, to get the golden frying pan. I look up to you as an inspiration.

[WALL OF FOOLS GOLD SHAME]: Notable Quotes From Angry Jealous Kids That Are Just Mad They Dont Have A Loadout Like Mine:

MasterPancakes: I bet he isnt even rich.

๖ۣۜSmøre™ : fuck u and ur aussi's
Quotes that I personally like or made:

"I just realized something. Honestly... it kinda doesn't matter where I go... whether I'm alive or dead... I'm still pretty shiny."

"When you have a 214 bud demo loadout, you find that tours dont matter."

"Tf2 Rich > Loads of hours in Tf2/L33TSKILLZ, Highlander bragging"

"My name is Demomidas, King of Kings; Look on my gold, ye mighty, and despair!"

"I dont care how many unusuals you have, my demo is worth more."

"Started as a F2P, ended up TF2 Rich, Rags to Riches baby."
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Amber ♥ Apr 17 @ 1:29am 
I just noticed that one of your quotes on your wall of golden admiration is from me when I had an older account name.
Merpy ♥ Apr 4 @ 8:36pm 
Ur a potato
Bøgg ✞ Jan 21 @ 9:54pm 
"It's a Lucario with some ah he ah go face."
Cosmictronic Jan 13 @ 10:32pm 
"According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible."
๖ۣۜPinkamena Jan 1 @ 4:02am 
Happy new year The King one !
๖ۣۜPinkamena Dec 24, 2016 @ 11:05pm 
Merry MidasMas ! :3