Termi "Strong Arm" Muscle (Army of Republika Srpska)   Serbia
|Madbluntz armband| |Black|Strong as hell|Famous and professional bodybuilder back in the days| - Get good
Incase you're wondering I'm Retard ( I change my name alot)
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:surprised1: :surprised1: :surprised1: :surprised1: :surprised1: :surprised1: :surprised1: :surprised1:
:At2_Gashrun:Here's the list of my alt accounts (bannin wont help you fascist adminge):At2_Gashrun:
My first alt

:At2_Gashrun: Autism corner :myst_pirate:
*** AOA-C108-AcD-010902 knocks the Man out (Cant Resist: Handcuffed)
MPF.C17-GRID-RL.38326 says "<:: If you call me Ma'am one more time Im gassing you."
[OOC] Bob Scott: why you being so jewish
CPF://:C17-DEFENDER:i4.32442 yells "<:: We don't like niggers in detroit ::>"
*** CPF://:C17-DEFENDER:i4.32442 drags his blackass
Zeman Pavlovski says "Why am I being taken off"
CPF://:C17-DEFENDER:i4.32442 says "<:: Cause you're a nigger. ::>"
CPF://:C17-DEFENDER:i4.32442 says "<:: You're getting hanged ::>"
[OOC] MPF-i17:RkL.495: You're better off playing on Nebulous then, not here.
[LOOC] CCA-C08-COURT-DvL-9452: When I have rolled 6 it combines with my RB
[LOOC] CCA-C08-COURT-DvL-9452: Since I have 30 RB as a DvL I have rolled 36, and you have rolled 32
** Kenneth Parker rapes the helix hard
Vladmimir Vademski yells: NO TRUMP NO KKK NO FACIST USA
** OTA-C17-KING-EOW-6804 Is a sexy beast
** Sneaki Brek uses his 100 lockpick skill to unlock doors
*** [A 6'1 African America...] curbstomps the minge.
[LOOC] Marino Esposito: do you have rp of it?
CCA-C17-UNION-DvL-4932 says: <:: No black mans avviable. ::>
14:09 - Retard: how can you have fun playing this
14:09 - Mr. Frost: If you know of lore and is interested to understand it, it's fun indeed
14:10 - Retard: and what if I know th elore
14:10 - Mr. Frost: Then you really has nothing to do with your life and wasting my time

Disconnect: Not wanting to Rp failing to listen to an admin im trying to help you get on your main acount not your alt -Kommunistic.
Disconnect: The Stalker| Member of MadBluntz| No Appeal|.
Disconnect: FailRp|Minging| http: .
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-rep fucking dumb minge
Spycrab Feb 10 @ 3:25am 
1.I hate blackwonder admins (except wolf and lolboy,they are kewl guys)
2.Im not a pyro main,im black demolition guy main
Pl3bL0rd Feb 9 @ 6:38am 
( I change my name alot) alot ROFL a lot man
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yes and british too
ab Jan 29 @ 5:36pm 
tf2 is for gucci rich white kids