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Hello! Im a proffesional mouselifter from germany and im currently playing alot of CS what actually means i m living the ez aimlocklife. I enjoy my ez skinzZ and do some MLG360noscopes while tryharding to become a global. Just because i m a German i am not a nazi my russian friends but ofcourse i use cheats but Vac cant catch me. With external help i reached global at the 05th of november in the year 2015.

Edit Mid 2017: Nearly Inactive and getting rekt at LEM... No more Global for me. RIP Myself... Guess i cant go Pro anymore :(

#mouselifting #noaimlock #justflushathings #theArtofMouselifting #freefoder #supex0 #ko1n #coders #germany #fairplay #nospread #silentaim #busted #KQLY #Vacation #stillnoVAC

Infoboxes are only cool if they are long so i write down useless shit like everyone else


I reached 1k hours in nearly 1 year of cs and im am still not sure if this is good or bad. Atleast my stats say that i was idling alot of that time. Its kinda weird but i am happy that i am not such a nolifer as i thought for a second.

My achievements [why im high+++ kappa]
8-5th Backers Clash #2 - Bronze Qualifier! 1v1
65-128th CS:GO 1on1 AIM HG Weekly Cup 2016 #22 Europe
17-24th Monday 1v1 Clash #1
17-24th Monday 1v1 Clash #2

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*hust* for these who dont know...This is not a serious Text *hust*
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~2000hrs... Love that game, Valve suport for it sucks, its hard to find friendly mates to play with... Can be 8/8 or 0/8 but nothing between that.

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+rep nice IGL
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Friendlyest player that i saw a long time :D
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+rep never give up!!!
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