clgt : im going to bleach my asshole after this

alex : only idiot play demomen in mgwe
nagle : what?
alex left the game (Disconnect by user.)

16:43 - nagle: sum yourself up in 6 words
16:43 - jumbo juice: monkey, braindead, kkk, super hero cape

*DEAD* fuego : ur nan is actually obese

15:32 - nagle: yort
15:32 - jumbo juice: COME DISCORD FUCKING NIGGER

19:26 - nagle: do you know what a 'quid' is?
19:30 - jumbo juice: a london dollar?

Sir frog the nope POPE: your mother penis is mine
Sir frog the nope POPE : and whats ur inv worth? 2 keys LOL?!!?
Sir frog the nope POPE: you suck at game kid
*DEAD* O.N.E : im very naughty ;)
nagle: I suck?
Dutchman: I am mid spy
Sir frog the nope POPE :u still suck at trading lol and u have no items :( im rly sorry for u guys

Couch_Potato : you autistic bean
*DEAD* Couch_Potato : 'im autistic, all i can say is xd xd'
unnamed : I'll rape you bitch
Couch_Potato : queer cunt
Couch_Potato : you're a demo main on orange
Couch_Potato : you carrot
*DEAD* KoolMonkey : eat shit

son-to-the-god-kriz: you first one is fuck up
son-to-the-god-kriz: wait nagel is in it
son-to-the-god-kriz: the comp team
jumbo juice #TF2Center: yes
son-to-the-god-kriz: i hate that nigger
jumbo juice #TF2Center: Lmao
extreme0life : even if im 10 years old i still watch porn sometimes
extreme0life : sometimes i hear mom and dad having sex
extreme0life : now they are doing that
nagle: wtf
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189.52h solly
75.58h sniper
55h scout
30h spy
23h demo
20h pyro
15h medic
13h engi
1.5h heavy
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nagle Jan 18 @ 9:25am 
lol I remember you, you played on gullywash middle on soldier, you were constantly counterjumping me, if you would like to see the recording, add me and ask. If not fuck off :P
Red Fox Jan 18 @ 6:58am 
3k h in TF2 Salty kid on MGE x3 Also counter jumps and blames it on others
Timodetata Jan 4 @ 9:22am 
Адольфик Jan 3 @ 7:13am 
meow (>‿♥)✌ Dec 31, 2016 @ 9:49am 
。 ❤️ ❄️ ❤️。
Happy New Year
。 ❤️❄️❤️。

。 ❤️ ❄️ ❤️。
。 ❤️❄️❤️。
❄Overniight❄ ~In Bali Dec 30, 2016 @ 5:15pm