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Generic Mook #1: "Alright men, this last battle is going to be the hardest. They've got artillery, tanks, and medics and we need to knock hem all out."
Generic Mook #2: "Yea, that sounds rough, so what's the plan?"
Generic Mook #1: "Well, they're main weakness is their low speed, so we can get the first attack and then follow through from there. It also appears that they only have 6 guys, so this should be a quick sweep."
Generic Mook #2: "Sir, you do realize that we only have 6 guys too, right."
Generic Mook #1: "#2 do you remember what we talked about at the last town?"
Generic Mook #2: "Positive thoughts always?"
Generic Mook #1: "Positive thoughts always."
Generic Mook #3: "Well this doesn't sound too bad."
Generic Mook #1: "Guess again #3, one of their Pokemon is a zubat that only knows supersonic."
Generic Mook #3: "Really!? Aw man, I was really hoping to use my charizard but he always hits himself when he's confused."
Generic Mook #2: "Seriously, if supersonics stacked, your Pokemon's condition probably would have devolved into "shell shocked" by the time the match is over."
Generic Mook #1: "I know, this might be our hardest Pokemon Battle yet, but even still, I have faith that we can win this. WHO'S WITH ME!?"
Everyone: "Hmmm, I dunno"
Generic Mook #1: ""

Yea, I was a Pokefinatic before Pokemon Go.

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