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anacube 31 jan om 9:20vm 
hack on other account
TheBigBurger78 2 nov 2016 om 11:14vm 
Hmmmm Hmm Hmmm BIG BURGER
FrostFire 31 dec 2015 om 2:07vm 
+rep good trader and know how to negotiate :)
RoyalCake✔S>AllBP⇄TradeOffer 21 dec 2015 om 3:18vm 
Hello! :)

It seems that you have added me.
Please let me know why.

Also check my active trades on :

and Send Me a Trade Offer:

I am really busy these days so i mostly reply to trade offers.
mohhrt 24 aug 2015 om 6:51vm 
+rep lent him a ref and he kept his word and returned it