ODG   Ogre, Ogres, Latvia
Professional amateur and fool. (extra text to improve the look, ignore this)
Turkeys are turkeys and pigeons are good! Objective fact!
None of the TF2 items are for sale, fugg of!

Inspirational quotes:
"...the Space Noodles are a completely pointless waste of model space and have no purpose other than to be gay."
-Blue Astronaut

"How many ponies does it take to screw in a light bulb? ONE! The other ponies are UNNECESSARY!"
-Pinkamena Diane Pie

"you are a duck pyro and you are call sheep"
-🎃 ŁǿrƋ♛Oℱ❆ⱣingouiƝ 🎃

"...Burning in cat even if quickly extinguished damages cat"

"nothing about cofeok in shep describption"

Total Steam game playtime: 3,800h (as of 23.04.2017)
(Idle: ~4%)

Main PC specs:
AMD FX-6100 (6 cores @3.9Ghz, 8M cache, undervolted to 1.3v, losing 10°C from the max temp and not affecting stability, runs at ~72°C max on the stock cooler)

RAM: 4GB (DDR3, 667MHz single channel (don't buy pre-built PCs, kids, shep was dumb back in 2012 :,( ))

ATI HD4670 512MB PCI-E (not AGP) reference (Overclock: 775Mhz (+25) core, 900MHz (+27) memory. Could easily get more speed out of it, but the poor thing overheats)

120GB AMD Radeon R3 SSD (OS, software and games)
(Toshiba TLC, Silicon Motion controller, made by Galt, named by AMD)
(Read: 520MB/s, Write: 360MB/s)

120GB Seagate (storage)
(Read: 42MB/s, Write: 44MB/s)

160GB Seagate (nearly dead, almost unused)
(Speed untested)

Western Digital 80GB + ExcelStor 80GB in RAID 0 (older game storage)
(Read: 115MB/s, Write: 115MB/s)

Seagate 500GB (backup drive)

Total: 1060GB

OS: Windows 7 SP1 64bit

Motherboard: ASUS M5A78S-M LX (the thing is pure crap, booting via PS/2 mouse doesn't work (yeHs, the BIOS is the latest))

PSU: Corsair CX500 (500w)

Case: CodeGen SuperPower 3340 (it's shite, don't buy one)

FDD: No clue, but I have 2 of them, so get rekt :D (only one of which actually works :( )

DVD Drive: One is attached, but not even plugged into the motherboard, never needed the damn thing :D

Keyboard: Logitech Internet Pro (wired, membrane, Dvorak)

Mouse: Anker DS-2368 (wired, 8200DPI, Avago ADNS-9800 sensor)

Monitor: Philips 221T1, 21.5", 1080p, TN, 60Hz, 5ms (OC'd to 72Hz, using 720p)

Headset: Genius HS-G500V

Speakers: SVEN SPS-678 (mostly unused)

Laptop Specs:
HP Pavilion DV5000 (dv5235ea)
CPU: Intel Core Duo T2050 (1.6GHz 2M cache, dual core)
RAM: 1GB (2x 512mb)
GPU: Intel 945GM
HDD: Hitachi Travelstar 100GB
OS: Windows XP SP3
Screen: 15.4'', 1280x800
The keyboard is dead, using a cheap Canyon USB one instead
Battery lasts about 2 minutes unplugged while gaming.

Top 7 Favorite Games:
1. Audiosurf (Windows Media Player sound visualizer + Candy Crush + Tetris)
2. BeamNG.Drive (Cars 'n' stuff)
3. FlatOut 2 (Glorious destruction and constant rewards for breaking things)
4. Team Fortress 2 (Best F2P sniper trolling simulator 2007)
5. Driver San Francisco (What a modern AAA arcade racer SHOULD be like(Uplay doe >:( ))
6. Deus Ex (the original) (Skyrim and Half-Life melted together)
7. GRID (FlatOut: (slightly more) Realistic Edition)


Random crits are awesome, no sarcasm!

卐Hitler is best goy卐
...it's true!
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