Aashir   Milton, Ontario, Canada
A sticky appears on the wall next to you. before you can ever turn to find the m1-m2 shitlord, there is another sticky between your legs. The last thing you see in life is a black man, modest paki hat, grenades on his veil, and wearing a robotic tracking system, shouting ALLAH U AKBAR, and then it all ends.

sub demo Roadkill (platinum)
Lft roster ride 6s whatever team(platinum)

UGC Competitive exprience:


DAT season 14 (silver) main demo (some ranking idek abt)
TKH season 15 (iron) main demo (1st place)
TKH season 16 (steel) main demo/leader (2nd place) couldnt carry hard nuff
DAT season 17 (silver) main demo
DAT season 18 (silver) main demo until playoffs :c (1st place)
EZIC season 19 (gold) main demo (3rd place)
sb! season 20 (gold) main demo
sb! season 21 (plat) main demo


Grill Gamers season 16 (iron) potato demo main for half the season (3rd place)
Grill Gamers season 17 (steel) sub demo
Millions season 18 (steel) Main demo (rico is a scrub)
Grill Gamers 19 (steel) main demo
roster riding season 20 silver
roster riding season 21 silver
VCR main demo season 22 platinum (5 forfeit wins 4th place lmfao)


Season 24 Open Agricultural enthusiast main demo (11-5)

Season 25 Open no team name yet main demo

Name: just call me ash. My real name is Aashir.

Age: shouldn't matter but I'm 19

Nationality: I'm from Pakistan.

School: doing computer engineering (3rd year) at Ryerson university (Canada)

Job: working at a subway restaurant as everything, as i usually work lone shifts. Lots of free sandwiches tho so not too bad c:

Feel free to add me, i can prolly mentor some players on many classes if needed, so hmu!
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are u ash like from pokemon
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ash1479 -> ash14 -> god14 - aash this is how to alias
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