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And then he whispered "Coca-Cola ist wunderbar."

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Feel free to invite me to play together

Dota 2 (4,200h ー Current Picks: Snipurr, Zeus, Enchantress, Pugna, Shadow Demon)
Steep (70h ー Rank 30 ー Freestyler ー also love exploring)
Elite Dangerous (100h ー 200 systems visited ー 3,000,000/188,000,000cr for dream ship)
Payday 2 (500h ー Infamous X ー $600,000,000 Offshore)
GTA V (20h in online mode ー Rank 26 ー $1,000,000/8,000,000 for the yacht)
Total War games (I love Shogun 2 and currently playing the new Warhammer II)
Paradox games (Stellaris would be ideal for co-op, others might be fun too)

Note: on weekdays, I usually play around 4pm-12am. (GMT+1 ー UK)
I keen more on friendly co-op play rather than competitive play

> Furtal1ty

Sie wollen mein Herz am rechten Fleck
doch seh ich dann nach unten weck
dann schlägt es in der linken Brust

Feel free to add. I mostly accept all friend requests except ones with no mutal friend, common game, or shared interest who are suspiciously likely to be bots/spammers/phishers. (Private profile with ? avatar or [Unassigned] name will be ignored as considering those are not even bother to personalise their profiles to socialise in the first place.)

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