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6 hours ago
In topic 10/10
who even goes to generators anymore?
9 hours ago
In topic Need defense op
frost <3
Nov 22 @ 2:34pm
In topic What are y'all getting for christmas.
perfums and chocolate and shirts
exactly what I didin't ask

All I hope is to get some killstar or disney t-shirts
Nov 21 @ 2:20pm
In topic Freddy krueger glitch
Soo when playing as freddy kruger I grabbed a survivor and he rage quited,and freddy couldn't use his power for the rest of the match
it was like he was caryying the disconnected survivor
Originally posted by Papa Bear:
Originally posted by Captain Chunk:
There are these things called jobs. You do them in exchange for money.
i'm too fat to move
there are a lot of call centers hiring where you don't have to move!
Nov 17 @ 3:20pm
In topic Give one fun fact
fun fact:
Cruela De Vil is a pun because its the word Devil spiltted
Nov 14 @ 3:49pm
In topic How to get Evil Incarnate achievement???
Originally posted by xbullet:
you need to kill them not sacrifice
soo I need the mori??
Nov 14 @ 3:48pm
In topic No More Licenses, Original Killers Next!
all I want is a pirate killer I can main
besides that anything is valid

just don't freaking add a clown
Nov 14 @ 3:46pm
In topic How to get Evil Incarnate achievement???
Soo I used rare addon that lets you unilimited level 3 and downed everone and sacrificed everone but I didin't got my achievement
any help?
Nov 14 @ 3:42pm
In topic $60 games turning to free to plays
Hey at least you get a boring hat when it goes f2p
Originally posted by Jeckenn:
If you want to check my profile all my screens of BtS are at the very beginning of my screenshots folder and there is quite a few with Chloe's brown hair and your welcome to any of them...
yea but do any of them got the misfit t-shirt from the normal game?
Need this to show at the entrace of a gaming convention soo I enter for free
Originally posted by Tzunny:
seen few on screenshot tab, like:
good luck search for more
looks like it's a mod that does it to but you get blue hair also hm:
ugh thanks anyway
I really need her with brown hair tho
anyone can get me one please???
chloe with the mistfit skull tshirt but with brown hair
survivors are just skins
no need to buff them even more

but devs will problably do it anyway
Nov 13 @ 1:19pm
I think for me the hardest achievement will be the huntress one
besides that one every other one is possible
Nov 13 @ 12:15pm
In topic Gaming Cosplay help?
Originally posted by King Manuel I:
cosplay as the Dragonborn from Skyrim...
kinda dificult dont you think?
Nov 12 @ 5:06pm
In topic Community tip-Huntress achievement
If your playing agaisnt a huntress and you are at the exit gate,stay near the fireplace,and let her down you soo she gets downs for her achievement,and you get bloodpoints for escaping

you both win!and it dosen't cost you anything!
Nov 12 @ 5:03pm
In topic Gaming Cosplay help?
Soo this weekend there is a gaming event in my country and whoever is cosplaying enters for free

Was going as Chloe price from Life is strange but I think it's not good enough,
you guys got any suggestion for quick gaming related cosplays?
Nov 12 @ 3:32pm
In topic Are you tired of superhero movies yet?
not untill we get pepsi man
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