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Baronnashoorek: co to je za čuráka s tíma brýlema a potíktme bych mu rozbil hlavu za to jak vypadá

2:07:17 Nille_shft: you play like you have a dildo in ur bum

Kurates : wtf kurd nigger map eu sucking us balls wtf- cp_logjam

Jwicks10 : why are you on fucking mge servers when you have like 100000000000 hours?

10:43 - SUPA HOT FIRE: pust me k sobe do kanalu
10:43 - SUPA HOT FIRE: fagu
10:43 - The Beast Incarnate: fakt triska
10:43 - SUPA HOT FIRE: se tam nevlezu totiz

TC Broda: does it feel like !add5 ?

ShaDowBurn : you are bad and we gonna play badlands


0:24 - Quik: my kitten sits on a table and farts

almightytunatf2: isn't nation solly main?
davidthewin: yeah
serotone: nation has mastered every class

22:38 - Verse | naked men
22:38 - Verse | oops this isn't google

19:55 - Verse | czech girls gone wild
19:55 - Verse | oops this isnt
19:56 - Verse | google

19:55 - Verse | homo sex
19:55 - Verse | oops this isn't google

1:22 - 91: are you playing with dogs
1:22 - dcp kid: yeah
1:22 - 91: haha
1:22 - 91: they fucking sucks
1:22 - 91: worst team ever

10:32 - Mrguilty: Btw , which part of Russia do you live in ?

*DEAD* chest rockwell : they call him 4 rocket nation

Stark62: alle was one of the best demo jumpers in the world
Stark62: and that kid couldnt rollout to save his life

Stark62: hi im perm *pops to light breeze*
Stark62: *and still drops hafficool*

joebob64: well kaidus is british, thus mentally retarded from the inbred gene pool

joebob64: hey kaidus, im proud of you, i mean casting with a severe mental and physical disability is quite a feat

Jinzha: Ipz, who's going to be the best pocket this season?
Ipzie_: me or tek
Ipzie_: on logs prolly tek
Ipzie_: cause 55% healz
Kaidus: good because healed, or healed because good???
Captainhax: start to play pocket
Captainhax: then you might be the best one
Ipzie_: just when it becomes necessary
Ipzie_: i can hog heals all day its just boring
Captainhax: if it becomes necessary
Captainhax: mike will start to play
Captainhax: #GOODMOOD

Captainhax: ipzie is hiding in mike's shadow
Captainhax: even tho it's impossible LOOOOL

16:45 - Verse ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ: knock knock
16:45 - pussy creeper: whos there
16:45 - Verse ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ: looking for
16:45 - pussy creeper: for who
16:46 - Verse ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ: 𝓝𝓘𝓖𝓖𝓔ℛ𝓢

JelDeRebel : how the fuck do you get killed by a dispenser
The Dispenser : Come closer and I will show you

15:53 - nR kaptain: tbh on a scale of 0-haffi
15:53 - nR kaptain: this choke was 100haffi

21:38 - [>--]nation!: do you think you will go to heaven?
21:40 - ryder: if there is a heaven i will be there
21:40 - ryder: looking down on all the muslim scum burning in hell
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