Nyaruko nyarlathotep   Japan
I am a big OVERWATCH fan , so i like the Chars: Lucio , Widowmaker , Tracer

.....About me
I'm just a normal gamer I would say, I'm not that special really. I mean I play a lot of Games on a daily basis at least 10-12 hours per day ..... and I can also be really quiet in many Games so dont expect me to talk a whole bunch...

......About my Account so you know that it's me
my very first name on it was "Cpt.Proxer".... hey don't judge, I really liked the Company of Heroes series back in the day :c
....About things I like
If you didn't notice I really enjoy Anime and Videogames,
but I also, of course, like normal (TV) Series and other stuff if I think it's nice.
I like many games it doesn't have to be a certain genre for me to enjoy it. But as of lately I tend to play more Singleplayer games.....
And also don't add me if you have had just a fun match with me and I don't even know you that well
......About languages you could speak with me
I speak english and german, with german being my mother tongue,
but I don't suck at english that much and can actually communicate to a certain level and do some chit-chat for example. And I don't even like the german internet community that much, at least the toxic part of the community. Also the people I generally can't stand are probably the ones who are 90% of the time toxic, talk a lot of bullshit and therefore probably don't even bring anything to the table, this is just an example, I wouldn't care where that specific person was coming from I would just hate that person for acting the way that person did..... just don't be a dickhead and I won't be one either


People i Like : LegendLadybird , Fizzle , Ramboff ,Hatecore , Toni (Killergurke) , Yannick , Nici <3 , Rieqz , Gleichi , Till , Victor and etc. i Like all my friends :) :claptrap:

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