Even Magnus   Norway
I'm a proud Mac-Gamer and I only play video games available for Mac. Usually I am into RPGs, FPSs, survival and horror games. I am also a fan of board games such as chess and risk.

I'm a social person who likes to play with other people and make new friends. So do not hesitate to add me as a friend. I am currently the leader of a small community of TF2 players all located in one discrod server. There we play and have lots of fun together. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please add me and message me.

For the time being I mostly play Team Fortress 2 (Multiplayer) and Mount & Blade: Warband (Singleplayer ). In Tf2 I main medic and I rarely play any of the other classes, the prefered gamemode is payload. I mostly play games on TF2 Center, but I will occationally play casual. I also play a lot of Skyrim, Minecraft and Pokemon from time to time.

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ohwl^o,o^ Jun 16 @ 1:59pm 
+rep he gave it back
Shanghai Snipeur Jun 16 @ 1:58pm 
+rep he finally paid me back the money he owed me after he read my comment.
ohwl^o,o^ Jun 16 @ 1:55pm 
-rep stole my tf2 hat (it had fire on it)
Shanghai Snipeur Jun 16 @ 1:54pm 
-rep. loaned you money back in 6th grade for a soda pop, and you never gave it back. do not trust this scammer.
hashMC Apr 25 @ 2:36pm 
I reported you on Steam for being 15 minutes too late to Paradise Hotel.
Sweet Jesus Jan 13 @ 10:33am 
-rep didn't want to play pass time