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The game is good...this pack was a lie...the game is almost dead it seems...
I bought this as a founder pack, with the intention that this pack was going off-sale at a later date, much like other people.
Now I see that during the founder faze it was "Maybe?" a bit cheaper (thinking $10-$20 USD cheaper?) maybe not...point is it's now been re-named premium pack 1 and the only difference (other than possible price) that I can see is that founders got a special animated profile avatar pic that was already in the game as an un-animated pic...This pack is worth it if it's on sale or if your a collector. really the only reason I'm giving this a negative review is because this was a lie...
much like the cake...at least the cake was free and you got an achievement.
Posted May 15.
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Early Access Review
A great little game that reminds me a lot of Starbound, and in some ways Terraria. Though no where near completed, it offers quite a few hours of playtime, and challenges (meaning the game is challenging, not that there is challenges yet, though there are about 5 or so quests) though this game seems a lot like starbound in terms of graphics and play, it is far different, a more accurate way to compare this game is with Crea, or best off not at all. This game seems very promising even with slow updates (about 1 a month or so) and is unique. You build a town (build with walls to help protect) and go find captured alieans that looks like green Anons. they spawn back at the spawn crystal (make sure you clear all enemies in the area before release or they can die) and the spawn unarmed and wander aimlessly until you give them a job. if they die then they are gone and do not come back.

+Unique Boss Drops
+Morphing (turn into a monster and fight)
+Capture monsters and make them work for you
(Only 2 for now you can equip, and you can only spawn one capture at a time, but you may have as many as you like)
+Character and Worlds are seperate (much like Starbound, create a character and use him/her anywhere)
+Enchanting and rarity

-Not much character customization yet
-No mounts yet
-Not many quests
-Not many morphs (I WANT TO BE A SPOOKY SCARY SKELETON...that you find in a dungeon, with or without the sword)
(PS. You cant be a skelly yet)
-Needs improvements to some morphs (in video the worm has a light around it, in game it does not so you cant see)
-Only 3/4 jobs for freed aliens...needs more such as a doctor

Neutral: (some people can find this as pro or con)
-No space age equipment yet
-...eh I had more but forgot it by this point.
Posted March 21.
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If you get to play it, it's a good game, great character and weapon customization, however the AI is crap and unbalanced for the most part, and the game can get repetitive quickly, but remains fun. sadly my game remains nearly unplayable do to files not given permission/access when downloading, and ingame if I get a fast car the game lags and falls behind in loading causing bugs where my team have no guns and can't help fight.

-Fun with friends or solo (AI team can help but can also get in the way
-Good Co-Op game
-Bosses give special weapons and accessories as a reward
-Very large open world
-Choose your own path through the story

-AI is unbalanced (enemies spot you to easily and still a challenge even on the easiest game mode, where as your team does not fire unless you give the order or fired upon)
-Your team feeds you false or late info, even when it's their fault (such as warning you of a chopper after you shot it down, or missing/delayed synch shot gets you caught and then saying you did it)

...(I need to think more for this part)
Posted March 10.
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Early Access Review
First off, the game is fun, but only for a short while. The game becomes repetitve, and if not careful, too tough to play at the current point in time. also bugs, and guns are unbalanced.

*had a stand off with an AI, both of us had rifles, I aimed for head, shot first, shot all bullets, did not register until I was dead...ended up killing each-other, AI shot 3-5 times, AI was in open, I was behind stairs...meh...guess you thought this would be some sort of rating or something about how wonky the mechanics are, or "would stand off again"...nope.

+ can be stealth, or guns blazing
+ variety of weapons and gadgets
+ parkour
+ can throw swords to kill
+ kills can be made very creatively

- A.I. needs work (they will sometimes look at you and not notice you, or pass you when looking for you)
- Ninja mode needs nerfed
(Can only be done by true ninjas, because you get caught even if the littlest thing is noticed and not actually you)
- Guns are unbalanced
(you can fill an AI with a 30 round rifle clip before it dies, you get shot 3-5 times you die, pistol sucks, and headshots do not count)

* A.I. gets shotgun, you get bow shield and pistol (exclusive weapons)

= Multiplayer, perhaps 2-6 player co-op and competiton modes
(see who can get most npc kills before time out or all npc's die)
= Character customization if above suggestion is taken
= Zombies (yes...it's over used but in this game it could be fun)
Posted February 8. Last edited February 8.
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Only get if your up for a Hard campaing (even on easy) as multiplayer requires a GameSpy account (which shut down a while ago)...to play multiplayer you need either GS account, or hamachi...but from what little time i've played, its well put together and fun, you can control inventories and equip different equipment and weapons, Direct control is fun as well, though I couldn't find how to move, it makes shooting much more accurate and easier
Posted January 28.
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Early Access Review
The game is good...if you get to play it. When it was first released I played and it was lively, I wait a month or so and just got back on before writing this review...and its pretty much dead. I looked at all 4 rooms, there were only 4 games, 1 in america, 1 in europe, 0 in the third room (forgot area) and 2 in south america...the lobby chat had around 20 people give or take however. so I recommend the game to keep from giving it a bad review because of the player base, lack of players is the only main problem with this game. You can play with AI though for fun if you want to give it a try. Also be warned, this game seems to be haunted by the devil...or maybe it's just me with this game (I ended my play with 666 kills and 4 screenshots I took was 666 kb to upload)
Posted December 29, 2016.
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I really hate to give this game a bad review, because it needs all the help it can get, Eventhough this is a great game when it comes to gameplay, the overall game itself is more/less a money-grab, I had high hopes for this game (still have some hope because at least the devs are still updating) but now it's almost dead. Ingame you rarely find people (more seem to be starting and playing which is a plus) but that doesn't change the fact of the overall game seemingly being a cash-grab, I got this game when it was free...yea USED to be FREE but then they changed it to a dollar ($1 USD) ok, not bad, still worth it...now it's changed to $25 USD ??? WTF oh well...I purchased the elite edition in game and to me it was worth it. got a lot of free stuff...enough store (paid) credits to get all I could want (especially with like 3 free give aways because of the resets) and this was all before the elite edition included the game. now I find a pack that includes both: Orion Prelude Ultimate Edition ($25) and Orion Guardians Elite ($100/$50 for founders) for $25 !?. Eh I'm a founder, so to me the games worth it (got $25 pioneer pack for free, bought elite for half which is $50 and got a lot of cool, free stuff, and plenty of ingame creds to no longer need to spend a dime on this cash grab game), but to all you new comers, either get the pack/game while it's on sale...or hope that in the future the game becomes worth it. Because right now, I would probably hold off. Oh yea one more thing: If I haven't made it clear enough with the game going from free to $25, ALL pack prices were jacked up at that moment, the Pioneer pack (was $25) is now the $50 pack, and the Elite pack (was $50...remained $50 for founders) is now $100...though this may change (or may have changed...I can't tell anymore)....oh wow, I just realized I changed my review from good to bad...I had forgotten that I wrote a good review before this one...wow goes to show ya peeps. also if you've read this far, you can see in the comments of this review that the developer listed some additions to the game that should've been added by Dec 20 2016...and most but not all have made it (such as the fatality, campaign, duel)
Posted November 18, 2016. Last edited March 20.
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Early Access Review
A very great game for the stage its in, although needs some work, such as motorbikes need to be easier to control, and if your on a server and you lose connection you have a chance to lose items you were just moving around or messing with. i lost antidotes and stacks of ingots thru con loss...the game also needs melee weapons, ability to fight with fists, more vehicles like the motorbike (buggy, quadbike, rover) that doesnt require being built like a base, and finally character customization. all around its an amazing game, and the base/ship customization is unmatched.
Posted November 5, 2016.
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I downloaded this game just so I could leave a review. I played this back on xbox 360, and purchased the vip pack, only to have the game shut down less than a year later and no refunds...I liked this game a lot, but decided to basically boycot against it untill now, though I still hate the fact of what happened, I'm still gonna give it another try, all this review is saying is be carefull if you decide to buy stuff here....also during play i've come to realize the skins (which was the best part of the packs imo) are still available, and much cheaper.
Posted October 31, 2016.
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Early Access Review
This game is only for the true fans of AE and the Adventure-Quest series, as it seems they're the only people who would respect/like it, its a great simple game, and you can play across all devices, graphics may not be up to todays best, and gameplay may be worse than most of todays games, but its the fact that this is AE's first 3D game, and it keeps true to the original AQ games with the simplistic style that makes this game great, like a retro mmo, give it a try, and see if you like it because your the only one that can decide, afterall, it is free
Posted October 27, 2016.
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