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The Story Of The Leke
<♥>Uncle Gandhi : if u have a high ping dont play comp
TechMech : sure i do, with your hacker spy(lenny), and you spawn camp(me)

Once upon a time in a land far far away a small baby was born. But the evil gaben killed his parents before his father was able to cut the cord. So small little Leke walked around with an umbilical cord till he was about three months old. All the kids made fun of poor little Leke in one and two month old school! Poor little Leke would cry himself to bed every night till the umbilical cord came off. Then he was ready to face the world, see all the new things, get empolyed, get married, have kids, never have free time, have his life ruined, and ect... So happy little Leke was ready! He ventured off into the land of dank memes, only to find a horrible man selling propane. He asked this man his name, but when the man replied all he did was say "I sell propane and propane accesories" Freaked out the poor Leke ran away to Steam land. Here there were great deals and fun games. Liking this new lifestyle Leke decided to stay. Once he got settled in he bought all sorts of games on sale. Like CounterStrike Global Offensive, Mount Your Friends, battleBlock Theater, And many more... Settling for about three years now in Steam Land Leke decided to start trying to contact Gaben. He tried for days upon days, months upon months, and finaly Leke got ahold of the mysterious owner of Steam land Gaben. When Gaben picked up the phone Leke was so excited he had a heart attack and died.


Leke was only 17 years old.
He loved CS:GO so much.
He had most of the achievements and items.
He prayed to Gaben every night before bed, thanking him for the inventory he's been given.
"CS:GO is love," he says, "CS:GO is life."
His Mooning Alien hears him and calls him a silver scrublord.
He knows his Alien is just jealous of his son's devotion to Gabe.
He calls him a console peasant.
He slaps him and sends him to sleep.
He's crying now and his face hurts.
He lays in bed, and it's really cold.
He feels a warmth moving towards him.
He looks up.
It's Gabe!
He's so happy,
Gabe whispers into Leke's ear, "Try your chances... Open a case."
Gaben grabs Leke with his powerful dev-team hands and puts him on his hands and knees.
He's ready.
Leke opens his pockets for Gabe.
Gabe puts his hands deep into Leke's pockets.
It costs so much, but Leke does it for CS:GO.
Leke can feel his wallet emptying as his eyes start to water.
He accepts the terms and conditions.
Leke wants to please Gabe.
Gaben lets out a mighty roar as he fills Leke's computer with keys.
Leke opens all the cases and gets nothing worth anything at all.

CS:GO is love...
CS:GO is life...

Your man on the road eating rolos he said he was hungry so he ate potatoes im just trying to get some yo yos cuz i don't want to lose my mojo i can't find the rolos so we eating munchos slicing that shit up like its tomatoes found out i was a bum and became a hobo keep on trying to survive but your friends say im a homo i only have a home when its half past 5 the only time the shelter lets me hide

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