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udukas Sep 3 @ 6:33am 
/ イ     (((ヽ
(  ノ      ̄Y\
| (\ (.        /)   |    )
ヽ ヽ` ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) _ノ    /
 \ | ⌒Y⌒ /  /
  |ヽ  |  ノ /
   | ミ土彡/
          ) \      °   /
         (     \       /
         /       / 8============D
      /  /     /      \ \   \ 
      ( (    ).           ) ).  )
     (      ).            ( |    | 
      |    /                \    |
kapotikalev Aug 25 @ 1:29pm 
Minu nimi on Alvaro-Mati Viilver.
Ma elan Eidaperes, Rapla maakonnas, Kehtna vallas.
Ma olen Eesti algeline youtuber ja ma teen oma kanalile mitmeid erinevaid videoid. Minu kanalilt võib leida mängude videosi, ülevaate videosi, vloge, proovile panekuid ja mitmeid muid videosi.
Ma olen 21 aastane, ja minu sünnipäev on 24. Aprill.
Mulle meeldib ka väga erinevaid mäne mängida, seepärast oman ka Steami. Minu enda lemmikud mängude gategooriad on Survival, Simulation.

kapotikalev Jul 25 @ 8:09am 
swag is an ugly kid with awful haircut
Autimatic... simply not beautiful
Fallen - meeehhh
fnx - maybeeee
neo - 5/10
device - 7/10
k0nfig - lul that must be a b8
niko - he's fat af mate, lets be real
draken - dunno how he looks tbh
Rez - ^^ same
kapotikalev Jun 12 @ 5:32am 
alvaro mati viiner? mida faki kas sa oled tõesti nii kuradi taun et sa arvad et see on naljakas EI SEE ON KUADI 3A NALJAD. PALUN SEE TAUST EI SEE AJAB KURAT JOOMA. PALUN PANE OMA KURADI IDIOOTSUS KINNI SEE ON LIHTSALT JUBE. OLED JUBA UMBES 20 SAA SUUREK KURADI TAUN. ja kas sa arvad et sa saad fänne? EI lihtsalt PANE SEE KANAL KURAT KINNI JA MAAILM ON PALJU PAREM KOHT
kapotikalev Jun 7 @ 3:26am 
have a life with having sex with your mother bitch piss off
kapotikalev May 30 @ 10:15am 
i wish my friends save my cat my dad trow my cat out the window and she only a kitten and she was weak and i found in the street she was skeeny and when i was walking on the way home she walk up to me and i hold her so i toke her home and 2 weeks later i forgot to do my chore and my dad said ama trow your cat out the window and i had a nother one but she didn't got town out the window and those that think oh he just threw it out a window at a house its ok will i live in apartment on a 3rd floor the at night my friend toke her now mimi is in good hands and she in a better home
p.s the kitten was name mimi and my cat name was luna 🐱