Doesn't matter =P
I like to play in everything cute, fun or with zombies ^^

Be Alone

First fav album of 2k17

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If you want to be my friend you have to be more than lvl 134 with 1256 games in your library and 5468 playhours in total. It's very important and accurate numbers, keep them in mind, if you're not fitting, I WON'T ADD YOU AND BLOCK YOU . Also no vac-bans, they are like aids, i don't want to have anything in common with your filthy profile. And those horrible PRIVATE PROFILES , no, just no! Stay away from me if you have more than 45 friends, probably you're fake and add people just for numbers, i'm not like that, i'm looking for REAL FRIENDSHIP , you can't provide real friendship if you have more than 45 friends, it's insane! Oh i almost forgot to mention that i'm extremely shy person, but if you'll message me first i'll respond asap, but wait, actually do not talk to me and NEVER, NEVER invite me into games or groups, or again I WILL BLOCK YOU . Never ask me for any free stuff, how dare you? Only i can ask people for free stuff! BLOCK COMES ASAP If you want to trade then READ MY TERMS . ONLY MY TERMS OR NO TRADE AT ALL . So 1:2! It's always me who's rippin you off because duh! I'm smart and young businessman and who are you? Just another sucker, admit it. IF YOU WON'T OBEY I'LL BLOCK YOU, I WILL BLOCK YOU ANYWAY BECAUSE I CAN! HAHAHA . You should know that i like kind and courteous people, like myself! Don't even bother to contact me if you're one of those mean people, eww. Oh and don't forget to check my youtube/twitch channel, being kind and nice is important, remember? Sure the hell i won't check yours, i have better things to do pff...so add me everyone, i'm waiting for your requests
Jk, feel free to add me
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The one and only rule is be fair . As long as you're not trying to rip me off i'll gladly help you. Quantity doesn't really matter to me, i'll look at prices. Be fair and reasonable and you'll always be welcome.

Tradehold isn't a huge problem for me, so if you don't use mobile authenticator send your offer anyway.

Also i might accept emotes and wallpapers in exchange for cards. But only if i'll really like them.
So don't be offended if i'll decline.
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Heelloouh~ Basically, I need ONE PERSON to dedicate my life to (romance and all else). I simply expect to find a person, who can dedicate their life to me too <3. So, the person must be single, available, capable of keeping promises. We would keep to the promise "Together, forever." as true and deep as we can. Example: Spending all our time together. Being eachother's most important thing. Why? Because being alone is lonely. Friends are useless. Close friends are not reliable. Gaming buddies in love > Normal buddies. AND waking up, with the first thought, to look forward to spending more time with the one you luv is cute <3. Bonuses: Gaming, Game development, Romance. I'm 16 very clingy, very demanding, very commited. If you are interested in that promise, message me. <3
weasel_{BE} Feb 21 @ 3:37am 
───█───▄▀█▀▀█▀▄▄───▐█──────▄▀█▀▀█▀▄ ──█───▀─▐▌──▐▌─▀▀──▐█─────▀─▐▌──▐▌█ ─▐▌──────▀▄▄▀──────▐█▄▄──────▀▄▄▀─▐▌ ─█────────────────────▀█───────────█ ▐█─────────────────────█▌──────────█ ─█───────────────█▄───▄█───────────█ ─▐▌───────────────▀███▀───────────▐▌ ──█──────────▀▄───────────▄▀──────█ ───█───────────▀▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▀───────█
Chinpo The Wood Dog Feb 19 @ 4:03am 
Thanks for trade
Tourquilian Feb 11 @ 5:00pm 
Your profile description is god-tier.