I'm good at disappointing people   Perth, Western Australia, Australia
"David Bowie was one of my biggest inspirations." - Kanye West, 2016.
"You guys line up alphabetically by height." - Bill Peterson.
“If we don’t succeed, we run the risk of failure.” - Bill Clinton.
"You put your left foot in
You take your left foot out
You put your right foot in
Grab a gun and put it in your mouth." - Sean Murray, 2016.
“Do not compare yourself to others.
If you do so, you are insulting yourself.” - Adolf Hitler
"I'll hold you to that, Sin.
You must play Frost on defence... And attack." Tommi, 2016.
"Gareth isn't gay.... He's Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper Gay" - Karena, 2017.

>mfw kicked from Girl Gamers.

Other names ------------------------------------------------

AQW: Sinnelm
BattleNet: Sinnix#11545
Uplay: SuR.Sinnix
Epic Games: Sinnelm
Origin: Sinnelm

I am a very avid Warhammer fan. I also play the tabletop versions (40k/30k).

Currently In-Game
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

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1,645 hrs on record
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52 hrs on record
last played on Sep 16
1,557 hrs on record
last played on Sep 15
F.U.N.K Jun 6 @ 12:39am 
F.U.N.K Jun 6 @ 12:39am 
but tbh im sick of his face so another -rep.. could have been better
F.U.N.K Jun 6 @ 12:39am 
+rep for leaving the last one up = not as gay anymore
F.U.N.K Jun 6 @ 12:38am 
-rep decided to delete my original negative rep cause he's afraid of real men.. im like half gay anyway
YEROCnamrus Nov 17, 2016 @ 6:13pm 
+rep friendly and easy
nuddelsuppe Nov 26, 2015 @ 4:16pm 
+rep Easy and Quick