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My imaginary friend is telling me now that YOU have some serious mental problems! ;-)

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I S L E E P Aug 23 @ 2:25am 
gg's, got some spicy downtowns outta you, was fun chasing you though lmao gl hf next rounds. ty for the kind words too <3
Whoppah! May 29 @ 7:52am 
Hey! your imaginary friend is right about me!
Zaxtor99@YouTube May 22 @ 7:12am 
@ Deadly Creature.. Sorry you felt "tunneled" but as a killer at high ranks with the gen rush, if you don't try and eliminate players, you'll get destroyed. Good game, feels bad man.
DeadlyCreature May 22 @ 7:04am 
kthx for only tunneling me for no reason. I was just some crappy Bill with no sprint burst.
Zaxtor99@YouTube May 21 @ 8:17pm 
lol Remus... I've learned how to turn with jukes. Doesn't always work, but I'll nail you often enough. <3
Remus May 21 @ 6:03pm 
When Zaxtor played Killer : I DON GIVE A FUCK WHEN U 360