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Just a temporary notice. I'll be busy with school so I won't be active on steam for a while.
360 derpin thyme.
'Nuff said.

Monster Hunter Double Cross HYPEEEEEE
A list of maps speed dodgeball maps I've accumulated over the years. [www.dropbox.com] I didn't make the maps, but it's good to have them in case.
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Well howdy ho!
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I do accept random friend requests, but you'll have to explain why you added me. I WILL NOT accept any friend invitations from anyone with a private profile (unless I somehow know you before) due to numerous phishing attempts that people have previously threw at me. I WILL check people's inventories along with their gameplay hours on certain games because I need to know whether or not the people adding me have a good reason to.

**Note**: I have not changed my username nor my avatar in the course of 5 years. That way, people can recognize me easier. If my username or avatar ever changes, I have probably been phished. If I ever send anyone a suspicious link, feel free to report me for phishing. It is my responsibility for taking care of my Steam account, and if I let a phisher take over my account, I would feel unworthy of keeping this account.

I have been apart of many groups, whether they are active or not. I have been a part of a Team Fortress 2 speed dodgeball community for over 6 years. I am not the best, and I do not strive to be the best. I was proud to be a part of the Team Killers United(TKU) speed dodgeball crew while it was still alive. The servers that I play speed dodgeball on now is as follows.

Saxton Hell's [saxtonhell.com] speed dodgeball server:

I also play normal dodgeball on:
The Outpost [www.opstonline.com]:
Gaming-Servers.net , San Jose:

I do play other games, so feel free to invite me if you want. Be sure to check that I own the game that you want to invite me to, so that I can join you. Just remember, it's MY choice to decide whether I want to join your game or not.

I feel like this is pretty logical for most people to understand, but for the extremely inconsiderate people who are trying to message me, here's my "response" to you. I'll respond to you when I can, whether I'm online, away, or offline. Please stop harrassing me in an attempt for me to respond to your messages.

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`·.·★Downsey🍥 Sep 27 @ 6:15am 
I hope school's going according to plan! I miss you lots.. Keep up the hard work!!
www.twitch.tv/desertbus Sep 14 @ 7:32pm 
Hope you had a lot of fun today
www.twitch.tv/desertbus Sep 9 @ 11:09am 
Your welcome Nova, and thank you to, It was a great deal of fun getting to play dbs with you and time sure flew by as you taught me the ins and outs of it. Hope to get to play more of it with you in the future!
`·.·★Downsey🍥 Aug 23 @ 7:08am 
`·.·★ Kitty Aug 23 @ 12:44am 
`·.·★ Kitty Aug 15 @ 8:45pm 
Nice level 33, Movin up in the world