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Personal Achievements
Unlocked May 16 @ 8:56am

On My Own Two Feet

Acquired your personal CREO Exo-Rig

The Surge

Unlocked all achievements

I'll Be Back

Died for the first time

Sorry, I Dropped This

Found your lost Tech Scrap after dying

Melting Down

Defeated all five smelting machines

Right Tool for the Job

Upgraded a weapon using the Nano Core crafting component

Man of Steel

Upgraded a full gear set using the Nano Core crafting component

Core Power

Reached a Core Power of 80

Jack of All Trades

Reached level 5 weapon proficiency in each of the weapon types

Nothing to Lose

Carried more than 50,000 Tech Scrap


Defeated a boss while carrying at least 20,000 Tech Scrap


Acquired a full set of GOLIATH gear


Acquired a full set of OPERATOR gear


Acquired a full set of SENTINEL gear

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