Childéric Olviken de la Brique   Sarreguemines, Lorraine, France

Felipe: Do it for allah assasinate the inspector whilist Dick out for harambe
Felipe: His grandparents didnt feed peas soup which would been optimal they gave him falafel and kebab = peanut brain

Pfc. Astronomo : btw
Pfc. Astronomo : turn off the hack
*DEAD* Pfc. Astronomo : pulling out a 180 in less that a split second aint legit
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K→zek Jun 23 @ 2:12pm 
Quality background.
ANELE always win May 26 @ 5:40am 
yes May 2 @ 2:34pm 
ANELE always win May 2 @ 1:46pm 
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Kyrie Apr 26 @ 12:03pm 
J'suis pas allé en cours aujourd'hui, j'étais tout nu
Yaroglek Apr 23 @ 7:11pm