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Random crap about me.
Tf2 stat reset done on Nov.7 2016. I had fake stats due to me joining bot servers shortly after getting the game. I decided I care more about real stats than play times, this way people can see my best moments and not have it be a lie. I do though care about playtimes enough for me to put these here so people will know what the real times are and wont think i'm new to a class. The play times are real though. To get the real time
Add these hours
Spy: 179 hours 33 mins and 10 secs
Sniper: 177 hours and 31 secs
Scout: 69 hours 9 mins 11 secs
Pyro: 39 hours
Engy: 31 hours
Demo: 21 hours
All the other less than 10 hours
Name: Thomas

Age: 15

Height: 5" 9'

Hobbies: Reading (Does that count?) Video Games, and animating. I animate on Pivot but am
working on learning Flash so I can move over to it. Coding mods and stuff. I do mods for the original Doom. My current main project is Reign of Bullets ( )

Friends: Look in my friends list im not putting their names here.

Favourite band : Evanescence. ( IT'S HERE!!! :D)

Favourite show: I don't watch TV much, but I guess Impractical Jokers.

Any other things you want me to put up here leave down below.

I'm gonna nuke the shit out of you. -Ghandi from India


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i diagnose you with dead Oct 9 @ 11:59pm 
Sir Skeetsalot Oct 8 @ 2:32pm 
>Edgy Username
>Edgy cosmetics on his sniper
>camps across the entire map as sniper
>on kill says EZ
>Sterotypical edgy middel schooler
↠ Spade ↞ Sep 10 @ 6:52am 
will do
Insanitea~! Sep 8 @ 12:09pm 
Check your local closet today
Insanitea~! Sep 8 @ 12:09pm 
It's true
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