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10 = About as good as it gets. Not necessarily “perfect”, but as close as it could have been, all things considered.
9.5 = Very, very nearly “gets there”, and honestly not much at all to complain about.
9 = An awful lot to like, but somehow lacking in some spark or touch of perfection which would make it truly great.
8.5 = A hell of a lot to recommend, but also some reservations.
8 = Very, very solid, but still quite a ways from greatness.
7.5 = A very firm recommendation, despite a number of shortcomings.
7 = Shows definite potential, but for whatever reason(s) falls quite a bit short of what it could have been.
6.5 = Really could have been something, maybe still could be, but still some way from that goal.
6 = “Above average” in its appeal, but not by a great margin. Definitely underwhelming.
5.5 = Not much above a pass. Not a COMPLETE insult, but far from something to write home about either, and not something you’d heartily recommend to anyone (even if you thought it was “their thing”).
5 = A pass. BARELY.
4.5 = A fail, if only just.
4 = Really, really not good. Could be made passable, but only with significant work.
3.5 = Pretty woeful, really. Probably COULDN’T be rendered passable, even with significant work.
3 = Awful. Either the devs were incredibly lazy, or incredibly lacking in anything resembling “talent”.
2.5 = Abominable. Even the best of intentions – if any were indeed present – couldn’t save THIS one.
2 = A failure at every conceivable level. Either the devs are full-blown “con artists”, or really should give up all their hopes and dreams of being professional video game designers (or at the very, very least, should wait for their skills to improve a bit, before releasing some half-baked “demo” as product).
1.5 = Downright insulting. The people who made this should definitely be ashamed, especially if they asked MONEY for this shit-sandwich.
1 = The devs hate you. Or, failing that, I at least hope that they secretly despise THEMSELVES, for having released such a lethal stink-bomb into the public consciousness.
0.5 = The devs may as well have choked you to death with their own faeces, and pissed all over your shallow grave for good measure.

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Having said that, my ambivalence towards generosity runs both ways. While I have absolutely no problem with people gifting me games, please note that I have about half of the Steam catalogue currently in my wishlist...so if you want me to play something you gift ASAP, just message me and I'll be happily honest about my chances of playing it in the near-future :)

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Ever fancied an "open world" first-person cross between the first Silent Hill and the first Outlast? Of course you have! With no further ado, then, I welcome you to Welcome to Hanwell!

There's no faulting this game for lack of ambition. From the get-go, it's clear that an unusual amount of detail has been lavished upon almost every area of the humungous map, with no end of uniquely spooky moments keeping you perpetually on your toes; even in areas which ultimately turn out to be more about mood than actual danger. This is a long, long way from those cheap "indie horror" efforts we've become so accustomed to on Steam of late: this game is clearly quite the labour of love, making its flaws far more forgivable than some fly-by-night, money-grubbing hack-job. But also, to some degree, making said flaws all the more heart-breaking; as what could have been a truly GREAT game is merely a really good one and, I'm sad to say, a sometimes frustrating one.

I'll use the sound as an example of how this game does so much right, yet so much wrong. There's the occasional stealth-horror bit where you need to sneak around and avoid insta-kill enemies, a la Outlast et al. In some of these bits, the game chooses to BELLOW at you with loud music in order to keep the terror levels up. The problem here is that you CAN'T perform a stealth bit effectively if you can't hear your enemy's footsteps clearly. Is it scary? Hell yes! Is it fair? Hell no!

I even spotted a forum discussion in which a punter asked the developer to give players the option to adjust the music volume - Options currently being a bit on the limited side - and while the kindly dev has vouched to afford players more freedom in the future, the version I just played is still very much a work-in-progress (despite not being in Early Access). The dev IS listening to criticisms, however: just say the words "proximity bombs" to any early adopters, and chances are you'll have one angry gamer on your hands! Fortunately these were removed during the course of my own playthrough, so I won't mention how infuriating they were while they were still implemented. So improvements ARE being made, even as we speak...slowly, but surely.

Another point of contention among players has been the alleged "open world" elements. These elements are...okay, but inessential. I, for one, could largely have done without them. Any enjoyment to be found in the free-roaming is all-but-murdered by the possibility that you'll not only get assailed, but maybe even KILLED by what amounts to a "wandering monster". It's a shame, too: the maps and graphics are really, REALLY nice. These outdoor bits are almost like a top-rate spooky walking simulator, except that you get randomly attacked upon occasion, sometimes while being afflicted by a supernatural darkness which impairs you and attracts them; this factor slowly becoming more of a repetitive chore than a genuine source of suspense.

Sure, there's Achievements and other "rewards" for exploring around everywhere, but I found myself just sticking to the main plot after a while. Who knows...on a replay, I may well rediscover my full sense of "adventure". I guess those one hundred samples of "doctor DNA" scattered throughout the town and surrounds will just have to wait.

Oh, and weapons. Forgot to mention those...ahem, yes.

Basically, you cannot enter any buildings with a weapon...a fact which makes a kind of sense from a gameplay point-of-view (you'll see!), but is never given any real-world logic within the game itself. But surely this just means your weapon will be waiting for you when you step back outside, right? Wrong. Weapons are randomly generated in the outdoor environments of the game, so you'll have to start searching for another one quick-smart, before something nasty takes an unsavoury interest in you. Sometimes this random weapon will be mere feet from where you're standing, and other times...yep. Another quite unnecessary and frankly irritating "feature" I could have done without.

Is this a perfect game? Far from it. Is it a scary game? Absolutely. In fact, I can honestly say that I found it downright stressful at times - for both good AND bad reasons - and I had to be in "the mood" in order to face a gaming session. It's tense as all buggery, it truly is, even if it sometimes achieves this effect by "cheating" a little (e.g. the aforementioned music and weapons antics)! One thing is for certain: this Nathan Seedhouse person is one horror dev to look out for in the future. In the meantime, I'm more than happy to recommend what appears to be his debut effort; doubly so at a sale price of ten dollars or less.

Verdict: 8/10.

(PS If you enjoyed this review, feel free to check out my two Curator pages: http://store.steampowered.com/curator/9284586-ReviewsJustfortheHELLofit/
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