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Clarence and kebaben are my baes.

motivational speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qllUsagsfDQ

your favorite anime is trash

12:19 - Massmurder: RELIGIONSLÄRAREN
12:19 - Massmurder: ANVÄNDE HEN
12:19 - Massmurder: I EN FIL
12:20 - Massmurder: DANSGAME
12:20 - voffer: lol
12:20 - Massmurder: Vilken roll spelar religion för en människas identitet och vad påverkar hen
12:20 - Massmurder: USCH

01:41 - Clarence: Your friends might be gay but at least they're not mentally retarded
01:42 - Clarence: I mean i guess that's kinda same thing but still

03:44 - Clarence: what should be my real name on steam
03:45 - voffer: Aladdin
03:45 - Clarence: I think i'm gonna have to ask someone else
03:45 - voffer: wow

18:46 - Clarence: Walking feels weird when you haven't eaten in hours
18:46 - voffer: I prolly walk weird all the time then
18:47 - Clarence: You should eat
18:47 - voffer: fuck eating
18:47 - voffer: eating's for gays B)
18:47 - Clarence: Why won't you eat then?
18:48 - voffer: Oh shit lol

03:27 - kebabenful: förhållandet mellan liv och celler är väl detsamma som mellan en flod och vattenmolekyler
03:28 - kebabenful: ingen individuel vattenmolekyl är en flod, men tillsammans bildar de någonting som står över och är oberoende av dem
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Clarence Feb 19 @ 3:41am 
I hate women so much that I've stopped watching porn that features women, as I can't stand to see them enjoying themselves, and started watching gay porn.
Now, hear me out. I've always been attracted to women, at least I think I have. Although I find most ugly, I find some to be very beautiful, just unachievable.
But thinking back to it I've always liked the look of men better, I never thought it was a gay thing, just more a self-comparison thing. Back when I watched the straight stuff I would focus on the guy, but not because I was into him, but to know what my body should look like.
I know this is very gay behaviour, but I've always imagined being with a woman, marrying a woman, starting a family. I've asked countless on dates despite being rejected.
I know I'm not gay, but times like this make me doubt myself.
I'm honestly kinda scared. I hope I'm not.
voffer Feb 19 @ 3:32am 
Still gay as fuck :o
Clarence Feb 19 @ 1:51am 
Umm I can't help but see youre making fun of weeaboos... XD well you say all these things and they're all wrong:33. You say we're not Japanese because we weren't born in Japan that's wrong... >. > I'm spiritually Japanese( my Japanese name is Okami Kumatora xD). U also say we want to have sex with under age girlz Ya also wrong @.@ just because we watch hentai with under age girls doesn't mean we're attracted to them... Just like how bronys who watch pony porn aren't attracted to ponies XD(le bro hoof x3). So I hope you learned something my kawaii friend xD I'm off to watch Naruto bye squeee~! x33
steppo Jan 2 @ 5:07pm 
can i join your lobby?
Clarence Oct 31, 2016 @ 8:35am 
That sounds so fucking gay
Neidrocas Oct 31, 2016 @ 8:26am 
OMG man, i love ur tears, they are so good to drink, thx for giving a lot of them :D