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Maybe it'll work again, who knows :o

Brothers from other mothers

motivational speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qllUsagsfDQ

Traps are not gay until you make them gay. To be attracted to a woman is not gay, but being attracted to a woman with a dick is gay. If you don't know whether a woman has a dick or not, you won't know if it's gay or not. Up until the point whether you know if that person has a dick or not, you are both gay and not gay at the same time. You are Schrödinger's faggot -Anon

your favorite anime is trash

12:19 - Massmurder: RELIGIONSLÄRAREN
12:19 - Massmurder: ANVÄNDE HEN
12:19 - Massmurder: I EN FIL
12:20 - Massmurder: DANSGAME
12:20 - voffer: lol
12:20 - Massmurder: Vilken roll spelar religion för en människas identitet och vad påverkar hen
12:20 - Massmurder: USCH

01:41 - Clarence: Your friends might be gay but at least they're not mentally retarded
01:42 - Clarence: I mean i guess that's kinda same thing but still

03:44 - Clarence: what should be my real name on steam
03:45 - voffer: Aladdin
03:45 - Clarence: I think i'm gonna have to ask someone else
03:45 - voffer: wow

18:46 - Clarence: Walking feels weird when you haven't eaten in hours
18:46 - voffer: I prolly walk weird all the time then
18:47 - Clarence: You should eat
18:47 - voffer: fuck eating
18:47 - voffer: eating's for gays B)
18:47 - Clarence: Why won't you eat then?
18:48 - voffer: Oh shit lol

03:27 - kebabenful: förhållandet mellan liv och celler är väl detsamma som mellan en flod och vattenmolekyler
03:28 - kebabenful: ingen individuel vattenmolekyl är en flod, men tillsammans bildar de någonting som står över och är oberoende av dem
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Plays a good Froggy in Awesomenauts. :)
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How can someone even be so bloody nice?
In a freakin' moba no less
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-rep DBD lager !!!
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I fucking turned on a fucking program to log in to get us fucked out of the game take care of your homeland and swat the immigrants islam and not play dumb fuck games cepie
-rep DBD lagers killers
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-rep nice lag you dumbass bitch