I'm such an amazing person that I get requests from very friendly robots. If your profile looks shady or I don't know why you're adding me, please refrain from doing so in the first place.
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Welcome to my profile! The choice to leave or stay is yours.
My PC is nearing the end of the line. Therefore, I will likely play games at a slower pace than before. With a lot of games to catch up with on 3DS (DQ, Layton, AA, etc.) + SoV which will likely steal some hundred hours from me, it's unclear when I will dish out the cash needed to replace it. However, I will still try to respond to messages as well as I can. Take care until then.

Invitations and messages

I have no qualms about accepting random friend requests. Therefore, you can add me as long as you're not annoying, trying to be someone you're not, or adding me for the sake of it. That's about my only criteria, really. I am a honest person, and if I find out that you have some ulterior motive in adding me then I will not think twice about removing you either. Keep that in mind.

If I've added you, consider it an honor. Or not. I add people I find genuinely interesting, I have something in common with, I've played with, or know from somewhere else. I will never add anyone simply to look more successful in other people's eyes through having a large amount of friends. That's also why I'll remove you in the case of you using me towards that end.

Regarding messages, just ignore my current status, please. I often get people asking me why I'm not responding while being 'online', why I'm responding when 'away', or why I'm being 'busy' for an entire day. I'm just being lazy, that's all. Just write to me and I'll respond at my own pace. Probably.

Steam, gaming and anime

On Steam, I'm a completionist. I love to 100% games, especially JRPG's and similar. To that end, you'll probably see me playing the same couple of games for ages. It's not that I dislike variety, my preference in games simply lie with Japanese ones, and since they are usually quite long, it appears logical to why I would continuously play them. I used to be into AC and ME, but most western games bore me nowadays. One thing I really hate is when people farm hours in games, such as having several thousands of hours played in games that are incredibly short in relation to their alleged playtime. If I see that you farm hours, I will instantly remove you.

Outside of Steam, I've been playing Fire Emblem since I was 6 years old, 14 years and counting. I suppose you could call it my favorite game series of all time, having played through each title several times. Sacred Stones was my first game, and in total I've played it for over 1.5k hours. Awakening is probably one of my least favorite in the series, mainly because it's a step back from previous iterations in terms of mechanics, but also because of the general casualization (I doubt that's a word). Since my Wii broke down, my current goal is to acquire a Gamecube and a Game Boy Player so I can play PoR + all the GBA games on my TV.

When it comes to anime, I watch everything, though lately I've been big on more serious types, such as Gankutsuou and Le Chevalier D'Eon. One of my favorites is probably Psycho Pass. The reason for all of that is because I'm very into dystopian and tragic stories. Despite that, I still occasionally enjoy more relaxed shows, such as Yuru Yuri. Here is my MAL, if you're interested. []

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Tales of Berseria

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Personal life

I have a relatively nihilistic view of the world, and don't have high hopes for our future. Perhaps that is reflected in the type of books and anime I enjoy. Even though that is the case I often hear from other people that I am very communicative, cooperative and social. I might not have a positive outlook on everything in life, but I'm good at reading people and convincing them to do things for me. Some people would probably call me manipulative, and that statement is not completely wrong.

My interests, apart from the usual stuff, include reading dystopian literature and the more tragic of Shakespeare's works. I also enjoy philosophy, and I sometimes find myself deep in thought about certain aspects of our existence, as well as the human nature. My dream is to one day become a successful author, and I've finally begun writing my first novel which has been in scripting for over 3 years now.

In the face of everything that has been said, I'm an extrovert who follows the hedonistic style of life, I like partying and I do enjoy making new friends, both irl and online. It's just that I'm quite picky about the type of person you are and what your morals are. Obviously this is not something anyone 'normal' would think about at first glance, but by now it should stand to reason that I'm not what you would call 'normal'.

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Current progress on novel:
Revising first couple of chapters
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Played FF:T it's great :)

On that note, have you played XCOM or Valkyria Chronicles? Both share a fair part of gameplay with Fire Emblem and are both great games.

The thing with FFV is that Square Enix is horrible at porting games to PC. The images look that crappy because they need to scale them up for higher resolution. It gets to the point where you can see the seams between the tiles :/
Probably the controls are also messed up again but if you have no problem with this two things I think you are good to go.

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