Miranda, Venezuela

Restricted to 4v4 only since matchdays are on fridays. I attend at college so it's best for me.


"The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It."
"What makes me continue life is the chances I get after each wrong turn."
"What makes me continue life is the ability to change path, to go the way you want, at least only in that instant. It’s the ability to walk up the stream." - Waterymelon

Engi takes skill

Its an hard work to defend your sentry and your team's defense depends on you and I will be the last one to let them down

High respects to the pal Sigafoo <3, I will always admire you
Fuck spies w+m1 sapping

Thats all
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Hawth Jun 2 @ 5:49pm 
added for match
dit May 24 @ 6:53pm 
added about upcoming 4s match
UNKNOWNMAN299 Apr 12 @ 7:43am 
+rep too op pls nerf valve. REALLY GOOD PLAYER!
DTSM.Kiub³ Apr 7 @ 8:22am 
Added because your trade url doesn't work. I'm looking to buy your coffin nail sniper for 1 ref
Reither Apr 3 @ 12:16am 
I want to offer you 15 ref for you spec ks strange flaregun.
_[as]_ Mar 28 @ 10:43pm 
Tryhards on harvest. +rep. didn't even scam me once