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Who the fuck am i?

i am an 19 year old badass who thinks that magic is shit and should fuck off from games and should never return (but im ok with people liking it) and i would like to warn u that my spelling is not up to scratch and if ur a grammer/spelling nazi fuck off and kill yourself you ugly bastard who sucks mouldy horse cock

also planetside 2 is best game 2069 even though its hard as fuck to play and if u think its shit your just shit at the game or u really dont like the type of gameplay either way get good you smelly bastard
(i dont have 1380+ hours on it for nothing XD)

one other thing...
dont like my profile pic? go fuck yourself you pishy bitch i like dragons deal with it or ill slap u with ma pimp hand XD

and one more OTHER thing...
im not really this agressive i just typed this in an agressive way to sound cool (and i was getting rekt in ps2 at the time of writing this XD) so dont be afraid to speak to me and say hay, love you really :)
<3 <3 <3

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