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I love to play man vs machine on TF2. I've just passed 550 tours and have found 13 Australium's.

Australium's + Professionals that are worth more than $20 found:

Operation Two Cities:
Tour #7 Australium Ambassador
Tour #22 Professional AWPer Hand (Tornado/Daffodil)
Tour #29 Australium Medi Gun
Tour #109 Professional Black Box (Fire Horns/Emerald)
Tour #137 Professional Original Kit (Flame/Daffodil)
Tour #166 Australium Blutsauger
Tour #169 Australium Force of Nature
Tour #195 Australium Blutsauger
Tour #206 Professional Black Box (Hypno-Beam/Manndarin)
Tour #226 Australium Frontier Justice
Tour #238 Australium Frontier Justice
Tour #253 Professional Batsaber (Cerebral Discharge/Emerald)
Tour #260 Professional Black Box (Incinerator/Emerald)
Tour #269 Professional Knife (Incinerator/Daffodil)
Tour #278 Australium Stickybomb Launcher
Tour #299 Professional Minigun (Singularity/Villainous Violet)
Tour #301 Australium Flame Thrower
Tour #305 Professional Shooting Star (Flames/Team Shine)
Tour #311 Professional Grenade Launcher (Hypno-Beam/Manndarin)
Tour #316 Professional Minigun (Tornado/Daffodil)
Tour #333 Australium Force of Nature
Tour #374 Professional Pistol (Tornado/Team Shine)
Tour #411 Australium SMG

Operation Gear Grinder:
Tour #4 Australium Wrench

Operation Mecha Engine:
Tour #39 Australium Frontier Justice


If you are adding me to trade please send me a trade offer if i am not online, i will get to it quicker then accepting you.
But if i am online feel free to add me, but i will most likely remove you after the trade is done, so don't get offended.

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