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13:10 - ducky: be home soon broheimer
13:10 - cj..d1ck: ok cum slut\
13:10 - ducky: ill kill you


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got the SAUCE 3 hours ago 
*DEAD* ducky : my steam account worth more than your house
Mazakcz : ok
fstiv_ Sep 16 @ 3:11pm 
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MoBa the gamer Sep 16 @ 12:46pm 
aight dude i dont know why you acting like you know me and all that shit i never meet you. you just randomly add me said scrim and i said no thanks so please just cus you know how i use to act dosent mean you can just come in call me stuff ducky that dude i only know for 2 months and then quit talking to him so please for the love of god dont act good you want mge lost to me complain i sticky spam well i dont see why you act like you the best demon in open and yes just cus i play in open you dont think i can go playoffs well m8 i think i got chance so please wanna say something say it to me in message and dont comment then complain about me doing something to you you little prickv
got the SAUCE Sep 14 @ 5:20pm 
stop installing me
Tonton Flairix Sep 14 @ 12:45pm 
Added , ulti duo cup
water123 Sep 14 @ 10:34am 
stop insalting me