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Early Access Review
Playing Single Offline, so many hours not shown in my statistics

Of course EA means you have to accept there still mightbe crashes but the devs are working continuously on fixes and are listening and responding fast to reports
The overall performance is already running very smooth especially when considering it is still EA. Therefore it is absolutely worth its price !

Graphics are excellent.

Physics are very well and realistic concepted and offering endless options for driving, hovering and flying designs.

Building and block handling is easy, well thought and works fine with all smaller designs. Only with big designs it may sometimes get tricky, but until you arrive at that point aquired experience will help you to manage without problems.

To get over some challenges you will need some brains. You need imagination and sometimes persistance when concepting new vehicles to manage certain tasks - so do not think anything will be easy to achieve.
BUT: If you are just not in the mood to be creative you can get a lot of fun just out of going any speed you like, crash your verhicle as often as you want (or when just failing with a design) and do a lot of stunt actions when playing the excursion as well as in sandbox mode. Nothing crashed remains crashed ;-) and with this game crashing is fun !
And the excursion is guiding you well through the different stages of vehicle development to get an understanding how the physics work and can be enhanced for the next stage.

Although I am single player I can imagine a lot of additional fun to be got out of hunting races and collaborate actions in MP.

An excellently concepted game offering a huge lot of fun for adventurous as well as imaginative and creative players! Should be on your top list if you belong to this group and should receive every support it needs to get it to the tops of its category!
Posted February 14. Last edited February 14.
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Early Access Review
Version released 18/01 - Offline playing time until now far over 100 hrs since version 0.6
Planet Nomads is an EARLY ACCESS (EA) game with the basic features of a survival game. EA means there may still occur bugs and glitches and not everything is yet optimized (f.i. landscape building while in fast motion, tech tree). By reports and suggestions the players can influence the further development and enhance performance and the developers listen and try to correct problems as soon as possible and to implement new features regularly.
For an EA game the current performance is already very stable and it will run well on any pc with at least medium hardware depending on its optional in-game graphic settings, with most currently used hardware all settings can be maxed without lags.
The difference between PN and other games of the genre is that at the current time it is focused on your own imaginative building capabilities. Although there are production machines that are unlocked by the tech tree (which might be changed in the future) a lot depends on building your own stable crafts with wheels, hover pads or air blades to be able to move from place to place to find new resources and thus to build crafts and equipment of a higher technological level. Survival does not depend on finding stuff that is ready to go and is simply added to your equipment but on finding the resources to produce and build everything you need.
The block building options are to be rated as being over any other game in this genre. Physics are extremely well concepted and although development is not finished and glitches may occur there is already an endless field for structure and vehicle building and still more potential for the future.
The landscapes, plants, animals and ambient sounds of the planet give a very realistic impression and are planned to be further expanded in the future. With individualized settings you can create your own spectacular planet where mobility might be a survival challenge in the beginning. Different kinds of animals show different behaviour depending on species, levels of aggression can be individually adjusted too, but currently animals will perform to an advanced standard routine and not move freely over the planet but instead stay near their nests with a varying radius of movement so you can chose to confront them or avoid them. There are also toxic plants but no human or alien aggressors.
Currently the game is SP only. With the focus on building and creating your own designs to survive MP would not make much sense. Still there is the possibility that MP might be implemented at the final stage of the game.
PN at this stage offers an unfinished story heading towards either escaping or landing on new planets by space travel, but when, how and if this feature will come is not yet clear. Currently you find human and alien structures which either offer block material and/or story information and teleportation through alien monuments to other places on the planet is possible.
The main part of the PN community seems to be voting to keep the game on an open course which will add more optional survival features for those craving for challenges but also allow creative builders to work in peace so the future will depend on how the developers will lay their course.

Summary: At the current stage Planet Nomads is very well designed for an EA game with a sufficiently stable performance, unique and far developed building options and a mild to medium survival aspect depending on players settings. It is not a "find, take and use" game but needs at least a minimum of creative thinking to be able to build structures but to anyone willing to do that it offers near endless possibilities. Although it is not yet clear how the survival aspect will develop in the future the game can be recommended without restriction if you are not adverse to imaginative play, do not crave for MP and are willing to accept that it is in EARLY ACCESS and thus not yet finished.
Posted December 7, 2017. Last edited January 8.
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The best game in its genre we have been playing since it emerged!
Precise programming, good support from the developers (the last free addon is simply marvelous), interesting missions leading and preparing the player perfectly to the next level, perfect weighting of colony development (production and use of resources, energy, inhabitants), beautiful graphics.
Highly recommended!
Posted December 7, 2017. Last edited December 7, 2017.
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