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15:38:58 MAKESOMENOISE: watch out clockwork
15:39:04 MAKESOMENOISE: ill dance all over you you fucking commie
15:39:14 MAKESOMENOISE: i piss red white and blue

sadgirl37: ironic hacking
sadgirl37: its meta dude

10:06:21 ThunderDuck[NLL]/[WL]: If I were to ask 'why does the internet have so many cocksuckers', I'd be ridiculed and looked at like a fool. Instead I'm going with the meta and quarreling over something pointless and indubitable.
10:06:34 ThunderDuck[NLL]/[WL]: Fuck yourself- as per the 'meta'
10:07:28 ThunderDuck[NLL]/[WL]: Don't bother googling indubitable, you asinine prick. It's pointless.

0:35:30 slug: suck me
00:35:51 InSpiRiToR: nice guy loool
00:37:12 slug: lolololol
00:42:31 jstn: yo i'll suck u
00:46:27 slug: yeah?
00:46:31 slug: suck my slug?
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the large unclean
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pootis pow haha !
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who's dale im dale
Φ wax Dec 31, 2016 @ 8:51pm 
9:48 PM - :thinking:: do u wanna play a meme pug
9:49 PM - wax: no im too tired
9:48 PM - :thinking:: o
9:49 PM - :thinking:: ok
9:49 PM - wax: call me a bicycle
9:49 PM - wax: because im
9:49 PM - wax: two tired
9:49 PM - wax: LOL
9:49 PM - :thinking:: LOL
Φ wax Oct 22, 2016 @ 9:31am 
hello im a cute person with a manga avatar, i have nine friends on steam and i link my equally as degenerate significant other on my profile with a unicode heart ♥

my name is minimalistic and ominous, if you insult me, i'll dox you and then bask in my silent glory

i am a neet with no ambitions, my parents hate me, i dropped out of high school, and im self proclaimed genius, but i never express anything

my favorite five groups are "/d/ is for dickgirls", "sad sleepy anime", "sleep forever", "thigh high lolis" and a group where the only members are me and my significant other, set to invite only

my steam backgrounds are dark and grey, and only 12 cents and maybe even 12 dollars if people try to copy me

my significant other is a monotoned, girly sounding, anorexic, and shy, we sleep skype together and go on skype dates, i love them so much as i hug my parent's ipad tightly, drifting away at 2 am