[Woz.tf] Rather Shoddy Wozard
Timmy Timmyington
First off, two things.
2. My unusual, as well as all of my other items in my item showcase are not currently for sale, and most never will be. And ask about other things, instead of just sending an offer.
1. Do not add me unless I know why you did. If I am in a game with you at the time of the invite, and see enough reason to add you, I will accept it. Otherwise, post a comment explaining why you want to add me. 'Trading' is not enough. Be specific.

--------------------------------------General Info-------------------------------------------

I am a medic main in TF2, and if you are looking for a long term pocket medic, I am willing to fill that role, for a small price.
If you are interested, friend me on steam, and send me a trade offer for any hat (multiple is fine too!), medic or otherwise. Then, when we are both on at the same time, you can just ask me to join you, and we can win some games together!
Otherwise, I am generally open for just messing around in the game!
Thanks for reading this,
[WOZ.TF] Rather Shitty Wozard.

Oh, and I am a Homestuck. My Chumhandle is TimelostParadox. If you know what I mean by that, feel free to chat with me using it.
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sl!m Jun 17 @ 12:41am 
just added to see if i could buy your trading cards
Dinosaur Jun 7 @ 4:08pm 
know what
Hello. I noticed you in that dustbowl game. How did you know that stuff?
Dinosaur Jun 7 @ 3:53pm 
meme machine
xinle Jan 1 @ 8:41pm 
xinle Jan 1 @ 8:41pm 
Congrats to both of us at?