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Anyone who says lightning doesn't strike the same place twice doesn't understand how lightning rods work

20:53 - hedwig: i know
20:53 - hedwig: IM AWESOME
20:53 - hedwig: AMAZING

17:19 - AsiaFortress Gothmog: How can citizens trust someone who hides his face behind a fluffy facade

- Top Scout/Prem L4D2 Player 2014/15

Setsail: Hi, my name is Setsail. my hobbies include making funny puns (Setsail: 'Master' bait), making original jokes (Setsail: bait, are you married? do people call you "MASTER?" as in MASTER BAIT? HOHOHO), coming up with cool sounding game plans (Setsail: I call this strategy "master baited") and tactics (Setsail: master bait the point!).

-Your sincerely, Setsail #bait's scout partner

Nightmare Panda: Hi, i'm Nightmare Panda. I'm a doctor by trade, and in my free time help fellow steam community members diagnose their profiles (Nightmare Panda: bait your profile is SICKKK), sometimes publicly to prevent the spread of potentially infectious diseases (Nightmare Panda in mumble with about seven people: BAIT YOUR PROFILE IS DAMN SICK). I care about my friend's feelings, and like helping them putting things in perspective (Nightmare Panda: bait you're the sickest person i know).

-Regards, Nightmare Panda #bait's 6 dom pocket demo
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kimono dragon monster
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It's COCKtober🍆🎃 u know what that means 👀👅 Dick sucking awareness month😮🙆🏻👅 send this to 12 of ur closest hoes 👭😈 that love that dick 🍆🍆🍆💦💦💦
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pls notice me
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(Spectator) lonacock : if you're always reloading and are reloaded every time you want to +forward you are doing it right