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Anatoly: Want to join shiro?
☯ Shiroyasha: cant
Anatoly: What ya doin?
☯ Shiroyasha: im watching porn and touching myself
Anatoly: Ok then

Random shit about me
Overwatchrank- Diamond :D
Alt account :P
League of legends rank- Diamond 3 Solo/duo
Flex 5v5 rank= Diamond 2
I'm really bad at cs go :P

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kms Aug 1 @ 10:26pm 
Either fucking die or let me suck your dick already god fucking damn
=T$E= Colonel McChicken Jul 17 @ 3:47pm 
retarded hacker, kys
Feed The Dead Jul 17 @ 11:25am 
Pleb.exe : hes cheating
Feed The Dead Jul 17 @ 11:24am 
*DEAD* m e m e : gg hacker
an gay