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Early Access Review
Met a guy with broken legs in the building with one jail cell in Balota. I was starving so made a deal. I would go get him sticks for food. After eating some rice I went and found some new players who happened to have sticks and gave them to me. After using my shirt to make the splint I ran to get some water and then got shot running back into building. Broke leg guy was guarding the stairs and stick guys friend was dead at the foot of the stairs with him yelling up the stairs about killing his friend. I then looked out the cell window to see 3 heavily armed men running to the building (guessing the ones who shot me). I get out "well this sucks" over the in-game voice chat before passing out due to blood loss and hearing WW3 break out in the building.
10/10 Would help broken legs dude again.
Posted January 1, 2014.
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Showing 1-1 of 1 entries