The Navy Duck   Texas, United States
" Be polite, be courteous, show professionalism, and have a plan ...
to kill everyone in the room !

Due to endemic Phishing, Spamming, & threats, this Profile is now " Friends Only ".
Now own 600+ games but play only ~15 or so. {Darn those bundle-sales! Can't keep up}

Interests : TB Strategy, Adventure/RPG, VN & Puzzle type games. Not into FPS nor MPs nor Coops nor CHATs.
Enjoy reviewing Friends' Activity feeds; They're interesting, varied, & open new vistas.

Communication with Friends via Profile comments, Activity feeds, & direct Messages.
Often leave PC on with Game running during breaks, feeding my face, snoozing, walking the dogs, etc. So ... I may not respond immediately

Game FAVs : Elder Scrolls series: #1= Morrowind GOTY; #2= Skyrim Legend w/all DLCs; #3= Oblivion GOTY. Use Nexus Mods for all 3.

Rise of Nations- Original + T&P + EE .

SM's Civilization series: Civ6 + Civ5 w/all DLCs + Mods; Civ4 {Base + Warlords + Beyond the Sword}. Like 'em all

Also, Everlasting Summer {Visual Novel} & Age of Empires II series including AoE II-HD.

Many RPGs, including: Aveyond "Orbs of Magic" series; FATE series; FABLE III & many other RPGs too numerous to list.

Authored 4-* rated Console Commands Guide for Dummies - Skyrim and RPG Guide for Dummies {RPGing + Aveyond}
and ARMY GALS Guide & Walk-through ; plus Workshop "Collections" of Mods I use for Civ5 & TES5 & AoE II on Steam.

Bio Summary : Texas based. Submariner . Lived all around USA. A lot of overseas Travel in the Navy.
Play T-B Strat, Adventure/RPG, Puzzle, VN games. Do NOT do FPS, MP, nor Coop.
FAV games = Civ {X}, TES 3+4+5, RoN EE, AoE II series, Fate series, Aveyond Magic Orb series.
Comms with Friends mainly via Activity feeds & Profiles comments.
Often absent while games run, so response may be slow
Made 4-* Rated Console Commands Guide for Dummies - Skyrim and RPG Guide for Dummies {RPGing + Aveyond} + Workshop "Collections" of Mods used for Civ5 & TES5 & AoE II.
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EdenStarGazer 9 hours ago 
I interrupt your gaming to say I hope you are having a great week. Continue on.
(💕) Pink Lily Jul 23 @ 5:57pm 

ValkyrieMoon Jul 22 @ 9:44pm 
I hope you have a great week ahead my friend-Have Fun
FroBodine Jul 6 @ 4:25pm 
I am OCD and never leave my computer on all night or all day when I'm at work. Especially computer games that heat up my video card. That would drive me nuts!
DerEider Jul 6 @ 3:19pm 
It's "Magic"
FroBodine Jul 6 @ 2:15pm 
How have you played games 332 hours in the past two weeks?!? There are only 336 hours in two weeks total! You are a non-sleeping fiend, my friend! I need to figure out how to retire, but I don't think it will happen at the rate I'm going.