Badass Ketchup
I'm a craaaaaaaazy girl having some WACKY times with my friends! xD RAWR! :3
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Magical☆Blancella 14. led. v 4.24 odp. 
Hi, I am an Albanian virus but because of poor technology in my country unfortunately I am not able to harm your computer. Please be so kind to delete one of your important files yourself and then forward me other users. Many thanks for your cooperation!

Best regards,

Albanian virus
Magical☆Blancella 31. pro. 2016 v 8.05 dop. 
i think you mean am
papa pushkin 31. pro. 2016 v 8.01 dop. 
too bad we are not close to eachother today so we could have a sweet and dirty kiss at 00:00 pm , but anyways happy new year dad
Magical☆Blancella 27. pro. 2016 v 5.19 dop. 
nyaaaaa :3 xD youve been tagged by the furry police!! x3 send this to 6 other furries u know to tag them by the furry police too! uwu :3 nyaaa xD! if u get this sent back 10 times you're a furry criminal xDD, if you get this sent back 5 times u are a furry thief owo who stole furry hearts, if u got this 3 times thn u are a furry PIRATE O_O ! once means u are jst a Furry ;3
papa pushkin 25. pro. 2016 v 2.41 dop. 
Hello, is this harry potter ??
papa pushkin 17. lis. 2016 v 1.07 dop. 
MMM, come touch my tralala