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fun shit below

Dwapking: can i help you?
UndyingCash843: i was wonder who did you trade the robble makers tossle cap to
Dwapking: you're asking me whom i traded a hat to months ago?
Dwapking: i don't know lol
UndyingCash843: i tradded for a unusual from you BUT you left out 10 keys the cap was worth 42 and this hat is worth 26 keys
Dwapking: ??
UndyingCash843: you traded 10 instead of 20]
Dwapking: when?
Dwapking: cos i haven't traded in months
UndyingCash843: look at trade history and find ME when you traded
UndyingCash843: it was a year ago
UndyingCash843: this is me frinal getting back on
Dwapking: so what is it you want then?
UndyingCash843: i wanted to know why you didnt full pay but i realized you would say you dont remember
Dwapking: sooo
Dwapking: what's the problem?
UndyingCash843: *faceplam
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UndyingCash843: do
UndyingCash843: Mann Co. Supply Crate Key, Mann Co. Supply Crate Key, Mann Co. Supply Crate Key, Mann Co. Supply Crate Key, Mann Co. Supply Crate Key, Mann Co. Supply Crate Key, Mann Co. Supply Crate Key, Mann Co. Supply Crate Key, Mann Co. Supply Crate Key, Unusual Front Runner, Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
–Unusual Troublemaker's Tossle Cap
Dwapking: trades are final dude
Dwapking: you're not getting a refund for a trade for over a year ago
UndyingCash843: do you have for 4 keys because that all you were missing
Dwapking: let me get this straight
Dwapking: you want me to pay you keys because you weren't happy with a trade last year?
UndyingCash843: yes i came back to ask you this from more than a year ago im very stubborn
Dwapking: lol no
Dwapking: i'm getting trolled aren't I ?
UndyingCash843: NO IM SERRIOUS
Dwapking: k bye
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is that who said i have 14 hours :D
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Merry Christmass :)
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Cool soldier and cool demoman.
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I saw u wanted a ss bonk boii i added u
cause i have 1
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