Angel   Michigan, United States
YES. I AM A GIRL. =~= for those who visit my profile to confirm my gender from playing with me in TF2

Alrighty, So let me tell yah a bit 'bout mahself :3.
I am Angel. I am 18 years old, with my birthday being 1/23/1997. I love to play L4D2 and TF2~ My latest addiction is Gmod
I am also Coco The Fennec, and sometimes Portia
Alright, so i think it's important to know that I really don't trade... it's complicated for me... Like.... I HAD TO TAKE NOTES... and i still dont get that shit :U
So yeah... every once in a while i get money on my account... if i really wanted something, i'll just decide to buy keys. =~=''
- so like.
"i don't always trade. But when I do, I dont trade for profit"
If i trade... it's because i LIKE the item... not because it's like... super expensive. :U
So now off that lil rant...

Fav ppl as of current:
1. Kermit E Frog.
2. Pride110
*More but i'll do that later.*

The L4D2 servers i really like to play on are:
Lethal Injection

The TF2 servers I really like to play on are: #02 Trade Server (Detroit) #18 Trade Server (Detroit) Idle Server 2
Cy4G Idling Server

Things i enjoy to do:
-Shoot pee at people (sydney Sleeper)
-Have fun
-Play Slender
-Play Slender with friends
-Kill Zombies (L4D, L4D2)
-Make Portals (Portal, Portal 2, GMOD)

Things I do Not enjoy are:
Annoying high pitch kids
-Annoying Music Mic Spam
-Spawn Camping

Things i will Tolerate Are:
- Kids who are mature
- Noobs
- Bronies
(lot more :U)

"If you have nothing good to say, don't say it at all"

My favorite ppls on here~:
1. ㋡ H̨u̶ga̵̴l̛
2. Niamh
3. ๖ۜTobitigercat
4. Festive Lu[N]a
5. Elijah
6. Samoset
7. Flaming Rhino
8. ßlມ €xørç욆
10.♫CL♫ ShatteredLegends

- - - -

December.... something after christmas:
Sup! I'm back and rolling. Lately i've been addicted to:
Attack On Titan
Lucky Star
Garry's Mod
- Prop Hunt
And... yeah.
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