p1nat_ veru fast
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
this kid pushes from ivy out middle through our connector like a speed demon https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=77094484&token=5VyQPQPr



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lmao del ayy

The less you see, the more you see

that not big but really big

probably yes but i hope theye will get back in shape and show us who theye are
goal: bayo doppler/ruby - 23-08-2015 got it
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Pinat(a/b): hi
videotoaster2.0 #MobileActivated: Hello there.
videotoaster2.0 #MobileActivated: I want to trade your knife mate .
Pinat(a/b): my trusted friend is not funny
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31 grudnia 2015
Pinat(a/b): hes online
James Bond *TRADE: whats his steam name?
Pinat(a/b): fr4chu
James Bond *TRADE: tell him to accept me pls
Pinat(a/b): okok
Pinat(a/b): you can also add not funny
Pinat(a/b): he will accept
James Bond *TRADE: do you trust him?
Pinat(a/b): yes
James Bond *TRADE: is that him on the groupchat?
Pinat(a/b): yes
James Bond *TRADE: ok so just trade your knife to him if the skin will appear in his inventory then your trade works fine
James Bond *TRADE: can you do that now?
Pinat(a/b): LoL game
James Bond *TRADE: I told him already
James Bond *TRADE: just get it back after so we can trade 1:1
James Bond *TRADE: can you trade it now?
James Bond *TRADE: told him already
Pinat(a/b): no
Pinat(a/b): i dont give items
James Bond *TRADE: what
James Bond *TRADE: why
James Bond *TRADE: you don't trust him?
Pinat(a/b): not much
Pinat(a/b): i dont have real friends on steam
James Bond *TRADE: how about fr4chu?
James Bond *TRADE: he accepted me
James Bond *TRADE: you trust him?
Pinat(a/b): no
Pinat(a/b): i can sell it for 170k
James Bond *TRADE: man do you have someone that you know real life?
Pinat(a/b): on steam no
Pinat(a/b): but
Pinat(a/b): do you knoe any friendly and nice people
Pinat(a/b): that i can trust
James Bond *TRADE: how about steam rep
Pinat(a/b): yes
Pinat(a/b): you are banned here
James Bond *TRADE: we can use steamrep admin
James Bond *TRADE: ok?
Pinat(a/b): yes
Pinat(a/b): i have a trusted friend
James Bond *TRADE: who
Pinat(a/b): fr4sek
Pinat(a/b): or not funny
Pinat(a/b): i think i can give them the knife
Pinat(a/b): but i have that 72h thing
James Bond *TRADE: you trust him?
Pinat(a/b): and i have to wait
Pinat(a/b): yes
Pinat(a/b): fr4sek
Pinat(a/b): or not funny
James Bond *TRADE: ok trade it to him now
Pinat(a/b): hes offline
Pinat(a/b): too high ping in LoL
James Bond *TRADE: oh
James Bond *TRADE: you have 72hrs trade hold?
Pinat(a/b): yes
Pinat(a/b): why are you banned on steamrep
James Bond *TRADE: idk
Pinat(a/b): are you a scammer?
James Bond *TRADE: no
James Bond *TRADE: im serious
Pinat(a/b): can you prove it to me?
Pinat(a/b): like
Pinat(a/b): trade the items you want to give me to your friend
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300k downgrade

Pinat(a/b): Hi
K1LL3R: hi
K1LL3R: im in comp now
K1LL3R: so wait
K1LL3R: its your knife karambit i want
Pinat(a/b): Yeah
Pinat(a/b): Go on
K1LL3R: but i have gut knife doppler blackpurl and can you accept my trade offer?
Pinat(a/b): What
K1LL3R: i have send a trade offer to you
Pinat(a/b): Oh
Pinat(a/b): I see
Pinat(a/b): You miss a little
K1LL3R: what?
Pinat(a/b): Could you add?
K1LL3R: what im gonna add
Pinat(a/b): Like 300 keys
K1LL3R: ok
K1LL3R: so i cant trade?

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