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Good day to thy guys and gals! It is I, GuyGallant, here to steal all of your SOCKS AND BACKSCRATCHERS!!!
Also check out my Source FilmMaker artwork!

A bit about me:
My name is Elia (ee-lie-uh), and I'm a strong believer of christ.
One of my favorate pass times is to make artwork in Source Filmmaker. I have a great imagination, and like to see things differantly, I'm always trying to think outside the box.
I'm a homeschooler, and have a lot of free time. I like to sing. (Though I'm not very good at it yet...) I'm one of the few people on the internet who has proper grammer. I like reading, and I really like the Harry Potter series. (the books, not so much the movies)
I'm OK when it comes to video games, I've been playing them as long as I can remember. (I have a pretty bad memory.) My main ambition is to make a differance in this world, and become a missionary.
So yeah, there's some stuff about me...
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Source FilmMaker is a 3D animation program, with the ablility to do more then make movies. With it, you can also make GIFs comics and artwork! (I personaly only use it for making artwork)
I've sunk in over 1,000 hours into this program and I'm still learning new things! The down sides being that it takes up a lot of disk space, and it's hard to use for a while. But once you get a handle for the basics, it's not that bad.
I highly recommend this program!

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GuyGallant Aug 29 @ 9:10am 
I can make you one if you want. (No guarantee it's going to look as good as mine)
That.... Is A Amazing Profile Pic
GuyGallant Jul 6 @ 7:40am 
Sure. You seem nice enough. :)
🍁Ruffian🍁 Jul 6 @ 7:39am 
Would you care If I added? I know you do say no randoms, but I have been getting to know you quite well as of recently.
GuyGallant Jun 24 @ 9:23am 
P.S. The coat it painted orange using the coloring script.
GuyGallant Jun 24 @ 9:21am 
Anyway, The hat is a Heavy item, can be found by typing in "capper"

The head is a pyro item, type in "Mr. juice" painted black using Doc's color script

The eyes are Special eyes for pyro, painted orange

And the coat is from the Pyro pack called "workshop\player\milmr\pyro\trenchcoat\tw2_greek_armor.mdl"

And I think that's it...
Oh yeah, and the hammer is found by typing in "Hammer"