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MoThanAThongLessThanGrannyPantie: Poptarts finnaly on!
Pvt Parts: wtf is up with that name
MoThanAThongLessThanGrannyPantie: :P
MoThanAThongLessThanGrannyPantie: Found a box in my moms room
MoThanAThongLessThanGrannyPantie: Thats what it said
MoThanAThongLessThanGrannyPantie: Pretty funny
Pvt Parts: night and stop bodyshoting people
Lizzlekipz: JS'GEWNB E'
Lizzlekipz: BWKG
Pvt Parts: hahaha
Lizzlekipz: IN YOUR SLEEP
Pvt Parts: LMFAO
Lizzlekipz: stupid face.
Never tell your password to anyone.
Kelso1325: due
Kelso1325: dude*
Pvt Parts: ?
Kelso1325: i was outside standing near my porch when a cop car pulls up

Kelso1325: and they were asking me questions
Kelso1325: and were like 'DID YOU RAPE XXXXX"
Pvt Parts: lol
Kelso1325: appearnetly some girl down the street got caught having sex and the guy bailed and she said she was forced into it
Pvt Parts: were you like no.....i play tf2 all the time
Kelso1325: so the cops are out looking for guys
Pvt Parts: lol idiots
Kelso1325: ya, i stated i have no life and ionly go outside at night -_-
Pvt Parts: lmao
Kelso1325: and they were like oh, okay you seem like a faggot anyways
Kelso1325: and drove off
Pvt Parts: HAHAHA
Pvt Parts: you got owned
Kelso1325: im kidding
Pvt Parts: lies
Kelso1325: but i did have to get my dad to walk outside
Kelso1325: god forbid he gets off his lazy ass
Pvt Parts: lol
Kelso1325: i just started laughing when they basically accused me
Pvt Parts: i woulda to
Kelso1325: they were like sir, this isnt a laughing matter
Kelso1325: please refrain from laughing yada yda
Pvt Parts: lol
Kelso1325: i know the girl down the street
Kelso1325: shes a slut
Pvt Parts: then you prolly told em you have no life and sit infront of a computer talking to other people with no life
Pvt Parts: lol
Kelso1325: well, i improvised it
Kelso1325: into something like
Kelso1325: i am the equivilent to baywatch hasslehoff
Kelso1325: hop off my dick
Pvt Parts: lol
Pvt Parts: lies
Kelso1325: they then kneeled down and kissed my shoe
Kelso1325: i
Kelso1325: AM
Kelso1325: GOD
Pvt Parts: this is going to be my new profile conversation for sure
Kelso1325: ahha
Kelso1325: not like i wasnt gunna tell everyone this awkward story anyways
Pvt Parts: lol
Kelso1325: cops are dumb

A funny random trade my friend got the 2 items are a scorching hound dog and the guy is offering a vivid festive tree lol

-^-Pulse-^-: hey
Pseudo [7]: hi
-^-Pulse-^-: r u selling ur hound dog
Pseudo [7]: im taking offers, yea
-^-Pulse-^-: 1 sec
-^-Pulse-^-: ok
Pseudo [7]: hm?
-^-Pulse-^- added: Unusual A Rather Festive Tree
-^-Pulse-^-: 9 classes
Pseudo [7]: eh
Pseudo [7]: got anything else?
-^-Pulse-^-: um
-^-Pulse-^- added: Spine-Chilling Skull
-^-Pulse-^-: this is like 9 unusuals
-^-Pulse-^-: on all ur classes
-^-Pulse-^-: and its vivid
Pseudo [7]: not interested in the tree
Pseudo [7]: any other unusuals?
-^-Pulse-^-: i gave 2 burning hats for this
-^-Pulse-^-: and now i found my dream hat
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xprettyguardianx Mar 30 @ 12:45pm 
Your profile scares me.
Guns Jan 3 @ 2:11am 
Want to buy rack soldier hata , tell me if u sell it or not have keys unusual hat,... or games onsteam ( like gta v, fallout 4 , ... )
Übermensch Feb 21, 2016 @ 1:40pm 
Pvt_Parts : playing heavy is gay
Übermensch Feb 21, 2016 @ 1:36pm 
Why is heavy gay? :C
train Aug 13, 2015 @ 9:27am 
guys a loser doeesnt own a spaniard
colin Mar 19, 2015 @ 6:54pm