Looney Lunar Moonraker   Oregon, United States
Please! Make them be quiet! They are boring me!
........Why so serious?
Click the link for more info, you might find a joke

Nope, no joke here

I am king of the clowns,
so hand over all your crowns
With everything you have known
there is yet much more you weren't shown

October 30th, 1997 is not my birthdate. I take the gym 6 days a week, sometimes 5 if I'm lazier then usual. I love mind games like chess (got to always read your opponents' moves), Steam is my Facebook, call it my 'Gamestage'. Read a ton of books, but you wouldn't have heard of them and I wouldn't have heard of yours. Love my friends and enemies, because both are a ton of fun to be with or against.

Shining despair is the game,
love and retribution the flame.
War and living is never the shame,
when you're with your one true dame.
You don't need a name to live the life of the fame.

Don't be angry or sad, be happy or mad!

quiet friendly confident
            stubborn rebellious impulsive
            flirtatious independent positive

 tattoos, whiskey, roleplaying, coffee, positivity, cats, wine, chemistry

Azura is the Daedric Prince (goddess) of dawn and dusk. She is known to be one of the more merciful and benevolent Lords, though her wrath is swift and painful when it is brought about. She oversees the Daedric realm of Moonshadow, a beautiful world of blurred colors streaming together, cities of silver, and air like perfume. Although she is never overtly deceitful, Azura always gets what she desires in the end.

I made a nice little group for people to hang out and meet new friends. Check us out some time...

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