Zombie   Cornwall, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
I'm usually streaming on Twitch, catch me live here!

I also upload regular gaming videos to Youtube, if you're interested you can check me out at

If you want to add me, leave me a comment on my profile so i know who you are :)

(I dont accept people who have their profiles set to private, sorry)
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starvingbug 11 mrt om 6:29 
thanks for the support
Pangur Bán 9 mrt om 12:03 
omg you're playing Darwin! Was just reading your H1Z1 review... Is Darwin any good? :)
Marlon webb 24 okt 2017 om 8:26 
added to play with
FuturisticSquirrel 18 jul 2017 om 7:53 
sorry can you add me for a trade
Colonel Cheese 16 jul 2017 om 13:14 
i fought it was whitelisted xD
Colonel Cheese 16 jul 2017 om 12:11 
added because i wanna be whitelisted on your server