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Lunk Of The Wild 24 déc 2016 à 16h22 
Lunkmas? ☑ Present? ⬜
Oh shit lemme fix that 由
[MS] amber 16 juil 2016 à 10h16 
Enough salt to kill a family of snails xP
Penny G 5 mar 2016 à 9h51 
big headed weeb would add again 9/11
MrPillow 17 jan 2016 à 20h25 
apparently my cat likes my keyboard or something idk lol. i just got home and saw those messages haha, i have no other hypothesis. sorry about that.
MrPillow 10 déc 2015 à 18h36 
so my roommate aint movin out til later next week i think, so thats whats up with that
shizz 3 août 2015 à 23h03 
Whenever you feel upset about the game, just watch this ;>